I’m a thirty-something Finnish fitness enthusiast with addiction to lifting weights and getting stronger both physically and mentally. 2014 after being sick for a long time I got diagnosed with secondary adrenal insufficiency. As I’m already coping with troublesome asthma, immunodeficiency, hypothyroidism and back problems, it has been a challenge to keep going. Luckily I happen to love challenges!

I decided to start a blog about living and training with chronic illnesses to show it can be done, and hopefully to motivate others in the same situation to never quit – I may have obstacles in my path but they can be crossed. My new love is powerlifting, but I also train krav maga, an Israeli self defence / martial art and do yoga and pilates.

In my spare time from training and working as a physician, I also like to lounge on the sofa watching action movies and war documentaries with my fiance and follow the antics of my pet hamster, Tara. My other hobbies include playing RPGs and reading science fiction and fantasy when I’m not educating myself about nutrition, psychology and sports and exercise medicine.

Welcome to my life!

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