Practice What You Preach (And Take Photos While Doing It)

I had an absolutely fantastic weekend and I feel so much better now both mentally and physically! 🙂 I managed to hit most of the goals I set to myself on my last post Anxious And Overworked, But Hopeful and it made such a big impact to get a whole 3 days off work and finally I got to spend time with my beloved ❤ ❤

Last Friday started great already when I got to try real Olympic rowing for the first time in my life. My friend competes in the sport and she was supposed to give me some pointers in my indoor rowing technique but when we got to the Rowing Stadium (it was built for the 1940 Summer Olympics in Helsinki), the weather was so nice she asked if I’d dare to go to the sea on her double scull. It was great! The sun was shining and I tried to get the hang of rowing technique which is, I can tell you, a lot harder than using a rowing machine 😀 … I absolutely want to try that again!

Töölö Olympic Rowing Stadium, Helsinki – photo source

The weather was perfect for my first Olympic rowing experience!

Afterwards I just made time to my 90 minute sports massage aka the torture 😀 and then we headed toward Hamina with Franz ❤ . I had missed my boyfriend so so much and getting to spend a whole weekend with him was such a treat ❤ .

Franz instantly reclaimed one of his favorite sleeping places in Hamina 😀

The weekend was quite busy as we spend most the time with our favorite hobbies, working out and shooting 🙂 . I’m not much of a shooter yet but promising, perhaps? At least I have a really professional private tutor ❤ . The only negative thing was I overdid my practice by shooting way too much with rifles and shotgun that had that much of a recoil my right shoulder got irritated. By Sunday it was bruised and swollen and I was unable to do my benching workout which was a bummer 😦 . But I got a lot of practice (that makes perfect) and lots of sun – the weather stayed fantastic the whole weekend with nearly cloudless sky and above 20 degrees Celcius – enough for my very Finnish taste 🙂 .

And, I have forgot to write, I had SMILE laser surgery done to correct my vision at Eiran sairaala – I had both myopia and mild astigmatism and had to use glasses from time to time. Now I saw clearly and it felt so good to be able to aim and shoot straight without glasses when shooting from longer ranges without scope.

Only 50 meters here – on Sunday got farther to 100 m
Handgun practice is fun, too!
I guess not bad for a beginner learning how to shoot a revolver? 🙂

I’m getting used to shooting and only took some extra hydrocortisone due to the heat – we were at the range about 3 hours on both days on midday. At least I got some tan besides my bruises 🙂 . I have a lot of work to do to improve my technique but I guess that is why I like shooting so much – every little detail matters. I need to focus more on squeezing the trigger the right way and to the right direction, and holding the squeeze long enough after the shot is fired, for one. And I need to stabilize my position better, now my muscles aren’t used to static work and get tired holding a gun. I also use them too much and the wrong way to support myself. But it’s so fun and rewarding to learn!

Last set of deadlifts always feel heavy whether you are in Espoo or Hamina…

I’ve still been doing RP’s powerlifting hypertrophy template and next and fourth week will be the hardest before deload. I don’t feel extremely tired still but I know I need the extra recovery especially for my left glute which is still irritated. My sports physio now gave me new rehab+strength exercises so I’m now doing one legged hip thrusts and nordic curls twice a week before squatting and deadlifting and cable hip abduction+adduction once a week as my adductors were a bit lazy as well.

Last Sunday I did:

Hip flexor stretches

One legged hip thrust with weight 2 x 8 kg 9, 8

Nordic curl 2 x 10 reps

Block pull sumo 5 x 90 kg 9, 8, 7, 7, 7 reps

Leg extension 30 kg 11 reps, 35 kg 13 reps, 40 kg 10, 8, 9 reps

One arm DB row 5 x 22.5 kg 11, 9, 7, 7, 7

DB lateral raise 4 x 10 kg 10, 9, 9, 7, 7 reps

Full contact twist 3 x 25 kg 8, 11, 10 reps

All sets were left approximately 3 reps short of failure this week.

Here’s a video of my last set of deadlifts, I was already really wiped out:

And we did do other stuff besides lifting weights and shooting, too. The last time I got to go sightseeing in Hamina was actually two years ago, the time I had just started writing this blog. The weather was perfect and warm and sun shone so it was about time we packed ourselves and Franz into the car and drove around the town to see and visit a couple of harbors and some beaches 🙂 .

This week has still been busy, busy, busy with work and working out since I got back this Monday, but after getting some quality time with my boyfriend I feel a lot more relaxed and happy so bring it on! 🙂




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