Who’s Afraid Of The Big, Bad Endo vol. 2

Cortisone is a miracle drug. It keeps me and other people with adrenal insufficiency alive. It’s not your enemy, it’s your savior. It’s the thing that keeps you pushing forward when going gets tough.

The instinctual drive to survive and stay alive is strong. It’s ingrained to all living creatures, including humans. Medicine is supposed to heal the sick and wounded and alleviate pain and suffering. It’s what you expect your doctor to do when you visit her / him.

So, considering those above facts, how is it that when our endocrinologist suggests that we lower our cortisone dose dramatically, or even with secondary adrenal insufficiency patients, wean off altogether, we are called emotional, hysterical, overdramatic, mental?

How would you react if you went to the doctor and your doctor started to contemplate aloud whether to cut off your legs, lobotomize you or simply put you off your misery by execution? In my opinion, we adrenal insufficiency patients are way too well-mannered and proper when we simply sit and listen to those threats year after year without yelling, throwing things and surging out of the doctor’s office screaming after restraining order.

But hey, that’s just me.

Starbuck said it.




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