Weak Point Training For Powerlifters (And Wonderful Finnish Nature!)

I want to share this episode of Macros, Bodybuilding and Powerlifting podcast to all you aspiring powerlifters out there – I think everyone will get something for their training out of this! Prof. Mike Israetel talks about weak point training and progressing in your career as a powerlifter – which aspects of training are most important in each phase: as a beginner, an intermediate and advanced lifter. I really suggest you sign to follow Revive Stronger’s Youtube channel for more absolutely fantastic and free info!

It was a revelation for me that as I could be soon called intermediate lifter, I should focus on strengthening my strong points and best lifts even more. I’m a good bencher and also have a pretty decent deadlift, so I can quickly add more kilos especially to my deadlift rather than my squat. So instead of hitting the squat like crazy and getting problems like my hip and glute issues that are still healing, I should focus my efforts to adding huge numbers to my deadlift and bench that will show as a better placement when competing.

Now I’m off to the gym again. Time to do some front squats and close grip bench. This is my last strength mesocycle before beginning a new diet (!!!) and a volume training phase, so I try my best to get the most of every workout. It’s been rewarding to see after all the hardship and failures and being sick that I can add more plates to the bar :).

Yesterday I did:

Deadlift 100 kg 4 reps, 4 reps

High bar squat 67,5 kg 4, 5 reps

Competition style bench press 50 kg 3, 3, 3, 3, 4 reps

Back extensions with 18 kg kettlebell on the chest 11, 11 reps

Sit ups with 20 kg kettlebell 6, 6, 6, 6 reps

I’m still doing less sets for my lower body because of my hip issues and have added more sets to upper body movements to compensate.

This week we’ve also been exploring the beautiful nature of our new part-time hometown, Hamina, with Franz:



After all the excitement, it's good to take a little nap and recover... <3
After all the excitement, it’s good to take a little nap and recover… ❤

Wishing you all great workouts and wonderful skiing holidays! ❤



A nice sunset on the way to Kotka for shopping. Had to take a picture!
A nice sunset on the way to Kotka for shopping. Had to take a picture!

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