Pullups And Downs

Winter has come to Finland and it’s great! I hope I’ll get to go downhill skiing this winter as I’ve missed it tremendously… I’ve been busy with work and workouts so I’ve yet again neglected writing. I’ve been great AI wise most of the time, though only with quite a big a dose of cortisone. But hey, at least I’m still standing :).

I’ve had a new hairstyle which simply I adore for two months now:

69 Eyes ❤ my hair ❤

We went to see 69 Eyes with my boyfriend when they played at quite a different venue than usually, Sellosali in Leppävaara, Espoo where I live. The gig was perfect for an adrenal insufficient listener as we got to sit and it started already at 7 PM instead of midnight :).

Training has gone really well. My massing phase is now over. I gained approximately 3-4 kilos in the 9 weeks of mass. At least some of it must has been muscle as I keep hitting new PR’s in the gym :). I’ve trained both powerlifting and weightlifting now, but for the next few months I’m going to concentrate more on powerlifting, and only doing weightlifting workouts once or twice per week instead of four.

Here’s a video of me practicing push jerk at CrossFit 8000 box where I train weightlifting:


I’m so happy I’ve also gotten better at pullups, though I struggle a bit with my added weight now after the mass season 😀 :


Now I’m off to bed. I had a terrific time at Endodays – the annual endocrinology conference in Finland – last week but I was totally wiped out afterwards and only slept and slept. I was dizzy and weak already after day one and had to leave for home already a little after noon on day two, but it was still worth it. I talked to an endocrinologist who gave a lecture regarding European Society of Endocrinology’s new Clinical Practice Guideline for Primary Adrenal Insufficiency and she agreed to come and give a lecture at our patient organisation’s event! 🙂

Completely wasted after Endodays
Completely wasted after Endodays

Wishing you all a wonderful, snowy wintertime,




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