Gym Metal

Autumn has come for real ❤ ! I love these darkening evenings, mood lighting and also dark, moody music to suit the atmosphere and fire up my workouts. My massing phase has been terrific success so far and I’ve hit the weights with a real killer attitude these last weeks. My weight has gone up about 2 – 3 kilos from the end of my diet and at least it seems a good chunk of it is muscle :).

Here’s some great songs to listen to when hitting the weight room for new PR’s:

Yesterday I had a blast training legs. Aggressive music is a must for me to get the right spirit especially for squatting :). 

I did:

Back squat 5 x 8 with 60 kilos – I’ve gotten much more comfortable with high bar squatting since I started weightlifting, and it’s great! I’ve had problems with my squat that I’ve been working on with a sports physio, but I’ll write more about that some other time – it’s seriously starting to pay off 🙂

Good morning 4 x 8 with 55 kilos – Yeah, my back is stronger than my abs and legs – can you guess my limiting factors for squat development? 😉

Straight legged deadlift 4 x 8 with 75 kilos

Today I blasted my upper body:

Bench 3 x 10 with 40 kilos – I loooove benching ❤ (when the going is good…)

Incline DB bench 3 x 10 with 14 kilos

Lateral DB raises 3 x 12 with 7 kilos

DB row 2 x 12 with 22 kilos

Seal row modified 4 x 8 with 22.5 kilos

French press 3 x 12 with 22.5 kilos

supersetted with:

Biceps curl 3 x 12 with 20 kilos

This week is a going to a bit different training-wise as I’m going to Lahti this weekend for a krav maga seminar and 20-year anniversary training camp – I can’t wait! We’re going to spend the night at a hotel with a friend and on Saturday evening our krav group is going to have a dinner party together. I’ve had to cut some training from this week’s schedule because of the camp which is a bummer, but after all this is going to be the only 20th anniversary party and camp for Finnish Krav Maga Association, so it’s well worth it :).

Now I’m off for some R’R ❤ but remember to rock this S**T and OWN THE BAR !! ❤ ❤




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