A Little Celebration Is Quite In Order

Finally, here are the results from my diet. I couldn’t be happier 🙂 – fat loss 8.2% in ten weeks !! My fat percent 7.7 is misleading as only skinfold measurements are taken, the actual fat % is quite higher, but most important for me is that the measures are comparable. It’s cool how much better all my clothes seem to fit ❤

I used Renaissance Periodization’s Diet Auto Templates and I followed my plan 98% at least. No cheats or even cravings. My strength stayed about the same until week 8 of the diet. The last 3 weeks of my 10 week diet were pretty tough with extreme tiredness and brain fog. I had to updose my hydrocortisone as I otherwise would never have made it through my workouts, let alone been able to work at all. But in the end it was all worth it!

I think I’ve proven without reasonable doubt that even with adrenal insufficiency and difficult hypothyroidism you can absolutely lose weight and get into great shape!

Here are my BioSignature results:


Now I’ve transitioned into mass gaining phase :). Damn, it’s good to EAT lots and lots of food for a change! I’d like to gain 3-5 kilos in the next 2-3 months. I follow RP’s mass gaining template, but in addition it’s ok to eat some extra treats like ice-cream etc. to get more calories in and indulge a bit from time to time.

 I’m currently training 5 times per week, 4 days are both weightlifting and powerlifting practice and one pure hypertrophy workout mostly for upper body. On Wednesday and Friday I have weightlifting school at Crossfit 8000 box. I has been so much fun to do weightlifting regularly again after the summer break! ❤ I think I also see some progress already with my technique as my weightlifting session volume has quadrupled from spring :).

I’ve still been somewhat tired – okay, that’s an understatement in a way that without stress dosing I wouldn’t be able to work even part time at the moment. I’ve filed for full disability for a year’s period from work insurance. We’ll see what the verdict is. My endo, professor Välimäki also thinks I need to lower my cortisone dose but if I try to work even 20 hours per week I’m not able to at the moment.

So far I’ve managed to do my work. Franz has been keeping me company <3. I need all the cheering I can get. Otherwise I love autumn, but the early morning wakings into cold and dark aren’t my favorite at all…

Franz was really perky and “helped” me at work for a while…
…until he got a little sleepy 😀

Besides my diet success, my boyfriend got as good results from his fat loss diet and is now in maintanance phase. This was a great reason to gather some friends over, eat tasty food (at last!), clink glasses and of course play Eldrich Horror! 🙂

It was fantastic to get to eat this stuff again 🙂
Playing Eldrich Horror is SOOO fun ❤
My unfortunate character (K.I.A.)

Right now I’m trying very hard not to get sick. I feel a cold coming and my asthma is acting up a bit. Hopefully with some rest / light workouts and lots of vitamin C and zinc I can banish this nuisance soon.




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