Memories From Last Summer

This post is a little bit overdue 😀 but I wanted to share some nice pictures and positive traveling memories ❤ from last summer.

We visited Pori for a two-day getaway with my boyfriend last June. I’d never been to Pori, and was in serious need of cheering up, so we decided to spend a mini-holiday together. We drove there on Sunday and got back late Monday evening. My mother was so kind to take care of Franz.

Pori is a coastal city located in Western Finland. I’ve wanted to visit there for a while so it was great to finally get to do some sightseeing. Read more about Pori:

My boyfriend had been to Pori before during his flight school but otherwise the city and it’s attractions were unknown territory for both of us. I had great help from Finnish doctors’ facebook group where I asked for tips what to do, where to eat etc. while visiting there – it proved way better than TripAdvisor! All the restaurants and attractions we visited during the trip were recommended by a fellow colleague :).

We arrived to Pori on Sunday afternoon after a 3 hours’ drive. First we left our luggage at the hotel and rested for a while. Most of attractions, and sadly, restaurants were closed already. We managed to find a “little” evening snack for us from Steak & Whisky House Galle:

Fillet of beef with fried vegetables, whisky-bacon butter, red wine sauce and potato croquettes for two

After eating the delicious meal, we took an evening walk around the center of Pori and strolled the banks of Kokemäenjoki river.

❤ ❤ ❤

After our walk we ended the evening with a pint and a glass in a local brewery, Beer Hunters.

Rosie’s Pig Flat Tyre Still Cloudy Cider with Rhubarb and Founders Sumatra Mountain Brown Ale

We had quite a night as our room’s air conditioning didn’t work properly, and it was quite hot and difficult to get a decent sleep although I was wiped out with exhaustion as usual. Eventually we had to call the reception in the middle of the night about the problem. We were offered a new room where to sleep the rest of the night, and the air conditioning worked there – what a bliss to sleep in a cool room! Thanks and points to Scandic for great customer service ❤ !

After a filling continental breakfast we headed out to town. My boyfriend has business to attend to but before we parted ways we enjoyed a mini-break at a local wine cafe, Elba.

Cafe Elba’s fresh blueberry smoothie was yummy!
I had a decadent lunch hour with a good book and glass of wine ❤

In the afternoon we drove to Reposaari village. Many people had highly recommended the restaurant Merimesta with it’s menu of fresh local fish delicacies, and we headed there first for a leisurely late lunch.

Great views from restaurant Merimesta’s parking lot, straight by the ocean
Fresh whitefish with dill and summer potatoes, and perch with caper sauce and potatoes

After filling our tummies we continued our sightseeing tour in Reposaari. 

Lovers chilling by the ocean ❤
Coastline at Reposaari
The Bothnian Sea coastline at Reposaari

My boyfriend is an avid war history enthusiast and I’ve always been interested in history as well. So it was a given that we also visited the Reposaari Fort. I was part of Finland’s coastal defence system and was built in the 1930s. It was designed to protect the harbor of Pori against Russian fleet. In the area are two gun positions, magazines, dugouts and trenches. Wooden parts of the fort have been reconstructed in the early 2000’s. During the Winter War, Reposaari Fortress eliminated one Russian bomber.

Trenches at Reposaari fortress
One of fort’s bunkers

From Reposaari, we drove to see the famous Yyteri sands. Thousands of tourists and sun lovers gather at Yyteri’s white beach spanning over six kilometers of coastline every summer. It was sooo annoying we were in tight schedule and neither had remembered to bring a swimming suit, so we only walked at the beach this time. The weather was fantastic that day and I would’ve loved to go for a swim. Unfortunately the nudist beach section was a longer hike away from the main beach…

At Yyteri main beach
The famous, beautiful Yyteri dunes

We bought ice cream and some cold beverages from Yyteri and rested a bit before starting our drive back home to Espoo. And guess what song played while we sat in the beach cafe, eating our melting ice creams while ocean wind brushed our hair…? Perfection ❤

It was such a lovely trip, and I hope we’ll visit Pori again and that time I’m going to swim in the ocean 🙂 …

I hope you all have some nice memories of last summer to relive during those dark and rainy autumn evenings ❤ !




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