Flying High

Two weeks ago I got completely taken by surprise by additional stressors and for the first time in my life had to inject Solu-Cortef. It was a really scary experience, but now I feel much better, and my adrenal insufficiency is in control again. But lately I’ve been battling with extreme tiredness and depression. Getting back to work has been a challenge with my tiredness and brain fog and I’ve worried about my performance. I want to be the best doctor possible for my patients so I have to admit being scared if I can make it. So far additional rest has helped but I hope I can work little less in the future to help me recover better.

After all the hardship, last weekend really helped to lift my spirits – literally. We rented a plane and went flying with my boyfriend (he is a flight instructor) ❤ . We flew from Malmi airport in Helsinki to Espoonlahti and back over Helsinki’s center and then over Emäsalo island toward Porvoo, admiring the beautiful southern coastal archipelago :). It has been a while since we went flying together and the weather and my mood couldn’t have been better! ❤

Ready to go from Malmi airport
…and we’re up there!
Somewhere between Helsinki and Porvoo, over the Gulf of Finland
The center of City of Helsinki
Suomenlinna castle

Since my near adrenal crisis I had to take a week off from training, but now I’ve been back at the gym and really enjoying my workouts. My bench totally sucks at the moment and I have to do something about it but I trust coach Anni will help me with that :). Now I’m anxiously waiting for the autumn’s weightlifting school to start in September.

Exercise has always been the most effective anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medicine for me. Besides endorphins released during exercise, the ability to use my body, the feeling I get from being able to lift heavier weights and progress with my technique, lifts my mood. So far in my life I’ve had bad days and bad lifting sessions, but still I’ve never walked out of the gym unhappy.

Keep your spirits high,




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