Bench Presses And Benchmarks

Wow, I’ve now written this blog for a whole year! Thanks everyone for following my journey – I hope to continue writing about my life, training and of course adrenal insufficiency for a long time… πŸ™‚

First off, I have some amazing news: my coach Anni Vuohijoki will be lifting in the Rio Olympic Games!! I’m so happy for her, she really has deserved her spot among Finland’s Olympic Team :). She’s such a great athlete whose dedication to weightlifting and overall attitude I admire and look up to. ❀ So follow women’s 63 kilos class in Rio! πŸ™‚

Follow Anni here:

My training during the past month has gone really smoothly and I’m extremely satisfied with my consistency there. I haven’t really missed any workouts and have mostly hit the designated numbers in all my lifts. Only in the last week before my deload I missed my bench press 5 x 10 with 45 kilos and back squats 5 x 10 with 60 kilos. Partly that may have been due to the fact that I’ve now been dieting for the last 4 weeks, with good results overall. My deadlift hasn’t suffered at all, my mood has been good and I haven’t had any hunger pangs or cravings. What I’m especially happy about is that my boyfriend has been dieting with me and that has made the whole process so much easier as we’ve prepped meals together and have been able to support each other ❀ .

We’re both following Renaissance Periodization‘s Auto Diet Templates. I’ve written about RP before, lastly about my trip to London to the Training & Recovery Seminar. I can wholeheartedly recommend RP’s diet templates – both for massing and cutting – for any serious athlete out there. As their motto says, “Science Is Stronger” :). I’ve never felt better dieting down and the auto templates are so easy to use – my boyfriend who has never (truly!) followed any diet program got the gist of it really quickly and has progressed from total newbie to walking automatic macro calculator… πŸ™‚

I will tell more about my cutting progress after I get some caliper measurements done next week. I’m excited to see how my skinfold measurements have progressed besides my weight.

I recently read a great article at about a bench press technique tweak that really “clicked” when I tried it at my last benching session. The bar really seemed to move so much more effortlessly. I usually lift alone and at the commercial gym where I train there aren’t any people well versed in powerlifting who could look and comment on my technique. I try to read articles about lifting technique and watch Youtube videos of good lifters and pick up clues how to better my lifts. This is one of the best enlightened moments since learning how to arch my back and pull my lats back – I was a flat bencher just two years ago…

So what’s the ado all about? Bar movement pattern. I’ve always been pressing the bar straight up. But I now learned that the most efficient bar path – and one all advanced level lifters seem to use – is back (toward your face) and up. Here’s the whole article: Fix Your Bar Path For A Bigger Bench.

I also suggest you read How To Bench – The Definitive Guide – it’s pure diamond and completely free! Greg Nuckols is a genious – a great writer and even greater powerlifter πŸ™‚ I love his stuff and try to learn as much as I can from his articles and watch his lifts.

Now we’re spending my rest day chilling out with Franz at my mom’s backyard :). He’s now fully recovered from his wrist surgery and we’ve been enjoying longer walks in the beautiful Finnish nature again ❀ .


After I’ve gotten some much needed R&R, in the beginning of next week I’ll hitting the gym and next weekend hitting other people as it’s yet again time for the annual Krav Maga Summer Camp at Utti…!!

Take care,




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