Missing In Action

Hiya! I’ve been absent from writing as my health took a turn for the worse after my trip to London and due to other stressors.

My mother had new heart problems and almost right after coming home I traveled to Lahti to help her. We spent a day in local hospital’s emergency room and she’s about to go to a new coronary angiography. But, the good news is, last week she moved to Espoo – practically next to me – so now I get to see her every day and have been able to help her out much more easily. ❤

I just had the energy to go and train while in Lahti with my mother – due to her health issues a bit serious face…
My mother having her summer’s first ice cream and getting to know her new neighbourhood in Espoo ❤

As if troubles weren’t already aplenty, my dog Franz injured himself last Friday and right now as I’m typing this post he’s being operated. He has a wrist fracture and it’s in such a bad place that it won’t heal on it’s own. I’ve been sick with worry as I blame myself for not getting an animal orthopedic surgeon’s opinion sooner than the day before yesterday. It was only with luck that we managed to get his surgery scheduled for today. We’ll know in a couple of hours how the operation went.




Luckily Franz is being operated by one of Finland’s most renowned animal orthopedic surgeons, Mikael Morelius, in Sipoo. Thank goodness, otherwise I would’ve been even more at an edge. As the surgery is going to be long, at least three hours, we drove with my boyfriend to see Sipoo’s church which is a local attraction and a landmark. We also took a coffee break in a local cafe. To calm my nerves, I overdosed myself with sugar and fatty goodness – and of course, lots of HC.

Sipoo’s church
Hot chocolate and coffee break at Sipoo’s Runda Munken

If I make it (with enough hydrocortisone, hopefully I will) until next week and Franz recovers well, I promise – truly – to try and write more. I have many interesting news regarding my future training plans, diet and new, exciting collaborations to be announced. 🙂

With an anxious (and heavy) heart,




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