My First Weightlifting Competition

My weightlifting school ended this week. Damn, I already miss our group! But before going our separate ways for the summer, we had our own weightlifting competition at Ruskeasuo Sports Hall last Thursday.

My weightlifting group at Ruskeasuo – with our coach Anni at center in her pink sweater ❤

I’ve always been a competitive person. This time I only competed with myself as the other ladies were far more advanced than me. After only three months of weightlifting training my goal was to do my best, get a result from both lifts and lift at my own level. That’s why I didn’t feel particularly nervous before the comp. I only slightly worried about my snatch. I feel I haven’t mastered the technique at all and every time I lift it’s a complete mystery whether I’ll succeed or fail my lift. Actually I saw myself at my mind’s eye failing the snatch even with the bar without any weights on it before the competition started. So, of course at warm up I went and missed my snatch with just the bar, falling on my ass :). After sitting on the floor and laughing for a while I got up, and realized my fright was gone.

I talked with Anni about my openers and we settled for 20 kilos for my snatch and 35 kilos for clean & jerk as this was the first time I lifted in a competitive setting and I really wanted to succeed in both lifts. We were divided into two groups and as I lifted in the second group I had more time to watch others lift and then warm up. With my tiny weights I didn’t need that many warm up rounds, though :).

Our competition proceeded using a round system. That means that all first attempts were taken from lowest weight to highest, and then the second round started again from lowest and working to highest attempt. That meant I was first in line to lift in the second group as both my openers were lowest. It was actually good as I didn’t need to wait for my turn and get nervous.

I was so happy I succeeded in my first snatch attempt as I had missed with the bar during warm up. Anni suggested I’d raise my second attempt to 25 kilos and so I did. But it just wasn’t my day. My balance was off and I was too rash in lift off and failed my second and third snatch attempts with the 25 kilos. Though I would’ve liked to perform better, I’m still satisfied I succeeded even once so my total wasn’t a full zero :).

Clean & jerk felt a lot easier, and already during warm up I thought if I should raise the weight for my first attempt but I then decided I didn’t want additional risks, just to lift, get a result and some experience that day. 35 kilos was as light as a feather and I raised my second attempt to 40 kilos.

Here’s my second clean & jerk with 40 kilos:

The weight felt super easy and Anni gave me a thumbs up for 45 kilos as my third attempt. I’d previously only jerked 44 kilos at practice. But thanks to my easy week, my legs weren’t at all tired and also the 45 kilos went up smoothly. I think I’ll manage 50 kilos and more any day now :). And I will continue practicing my snatch to become better at it.

The competition was fun, and I really enjoyed it ❤ . Our training group has been awesome, and i can’t express enough of my gratitude and awe for the way everyone cheered and helped each other during the competition. Besides great company, the challenge, technicality and difficulty of weightlifting compared to powerlifting is what intrigues and excites me so! I’ll be definitely continuing to train both powerlifting and weightlifting, and hopefully competing in both in the near future :).

I’ve also started to find balance with hydrocortisone dosing regarding weightlifting training as well. As my body has been getting used to it, I haven’t needed as much HC as I did previously. Now I’ve managed my workouts with only 10 mg before and sometimes 2.5 – 5 mg afterwards if the workout was especially challenging – like last week when we did six 3 x 1 cluster sets of clean & jerk with 90% of our max. Previously I needed maybe 20-30 mg of HC or I spent the entire evening nauseous and dizzy, not mentioning the ruined next day. I’m so happy I’m getting more used to hard training – that means I can train more and it’s fun, fun, fun! ❤ ❤

I have so much to learn still, but I’m enjoying every lifting day and having great fun. This summer I’ll be concentrating on powerlifting training but in autumn I will put more focus on my weightlifting practice – more on my training plans later 🙂 …




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