New Family Member And Springtime Outdoor Activities

I’d like to introduce our latest family member, Hera the Syrian ❤ :



Unfortunately my hamster Tara passed away recently. I really miss her, and as her habitat stood empty in the living room I knew I wanted to get another hamster. Luckily a breeder nearby had had three litters just recently and I gave her a call. And soon Hera moved in :).

Hera is a standard colored female Syrian. She’s still a bit shy – also for camera – but already comes to take some food from hand, and will let you pet her if you move really, really slow. She is named after the Greek Goddess Hera. I chose the name because Tara was also named after a Hindu Goddess of Peace and Protection. Another reason behind her name was that my all-time favorite series is Battlestar Galactica and Hera is also a character in the series.



Today we went for a long walk with Franz to and around Leppävaara Sports Park and new swimming hall, where we are going water running again tomorrow with my friend Mia. The weather was fantastic and we both enjoyed ourselves out there!








Leppävaara Sports Park
Leppävaara swimming hall and outdoor swimming stadium

As for my other activities, I‘ve been feeling a bit ill lately and therefore haven’t been doing any lifting practice but instead done lots of walking, water running , and yesterday I got to go to pilates class after a loooong pause – I was SO happy! 🙂 Hopefully next week I’ll be feeling better and can finish my harder workouts before continuing into next training cycle.

Wonderful First of May to everyone,



Sunset at our home street last night <3
Sunset at our home street last night ❤

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