Personal Powerlifting Victories

I’m extremely happy and satisfied about my training and performance right now! Yesterday was a big personal success for me as I squatted 6 x 6 with 60 kilos for the first time! ❤

My success didn’t come suddenly and unanticipated. I was prepared. I’d rested enough previously. I had taken extra hydrocortisone as planned. I’d taken care of eating enough carbs. My boyfriend who rarely goes to the gym with me, now came to spot for me. I always fret my squatting days but now even twice as much as I knew what was expected of me in yesterday’s workout. It was really relieving to know that if I missed my lift he’d be there to help and I got the courage to really see where my limits went. I don’t think I would’ve have managed the workout without him – more as mental rather than physical support. The last 2 reps in sets 3-6 were soooo difficult – it seemed I pushed and pushed with my legs but the bar moved up with tortoise speed. But each time I squatted up the weight! I felt exhilarated afterwards.

I know 60 kilos is not a big number for a powerlifter, but it is for me. Thinking back, only one year ago I was in such a bad shape and still recovering after my adrenal insufficiency diagnosis I could barely squat with just the bar with no additional weight.

I’m so grateful I’ve gotten to this point. My coach Anni keeps on encouraging me to add more weight at weightlifting practice and I try my best to please her – she’s way too intimidating to not letting her get her will :D. Next week will continue to be a week for more personal bests and after that I’m taking a much needed deload week.

Come May, I’m setting my sights for another great workout cycle and continue to perform my best and chase new personal victories every day ❤ ❤




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