My Weekend In Pics

I wanted to make a more photo-oriented post for a change :). Greetings from Lahti from me and Franz, we’ve been enjoying ourselves and springtime! ❤

I was having some symptoms of becoming infection or some other health issue as past few days I suffered from sore throat, muscle- and headaches and slight dizziness. I hate resting and just sitting on my ass. But as I’ve been slowly getting smarter with my health, I forced myself to just lounge on the sofa, only doing some mild stretching and slow walking for exercise. I also upped my calories by adding more carbs, and due to the dizziness, upped my hydro slightly. I decided I’d make the most of my few resting days and sleep a lot, walk with Franz and spend time with my mother. I didn’t need to regret that, as I now feel completely fine, no sign of flu or other ailment. That means I get to go and workout more, and soon – yay!

Yesterday we had a nice walk to nearby Lanu-puisto with Franz. The weather was cool but sunny and we had a great time. Though the hike uphill made me huff and puff and sweat like crazy it was worth it!




Afterwards I had a relaxing evening with my mom as we watched House Of Cards Season 4 on Netflix :). Franz was really exhausted after our stroll so we got to unwind at peace. And I almost got another pair of socks ready – knitting-craze is on again!




Today I had another working day. I was dead tired in the morning so I took a midday nap, and after waking up we went walking again with Franz to get some fresh air and cool breeze to brush off my brain fog. We walked to and around Pikku Vesijärvi (Little Vesijärvi) park and pond a couple of times. Nice weather had attracted a bunch of joggers, families and other people to enjoy the view as well. Franz was very interested in Lahti’s duck and seagull population :). The big crows gave him a little scare, though.





I even made it to the gym to hit my delts and arms before my work shift started, so I’m one happy, happy girl today :). I even feel I’m progressing with my overhead squats I also practiced <3.

Great weekend for everyone,




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