A Quick Update And Lyle McDonald Interview

Hiya! Again I’m posting irregularly, thanks to lots and lots of work… Sorry about that! First, I want to tell some good news – I’m feeling a whole lotta better now after the fixes in my thyroid meds and starting the iron supplementation. I’ve gotten almost two weeks – wow! – worth of good training done and am if not hundred, then at least 80 percent more energetic :). And, no fever, no flu, no asthma whatsoever. Yippee! ❤

I’ve been absent from the weightlifting school from different reasons such as car breaking down, extreme tiredness before and work duties but will now try to make up for my absences during the last one and half months. I’ve attended also powerlifting school for in Helsingin Atleettiklubi (HAK), which is my new lifting club. I’ve gotten good feedback on my form, which has made me a very happy girl :). Now just need to add more weight to the bar and sky’s the limit… Next Wednesday will be the last part of the powerlifting school and I’m gonna try and get more pointers for my squat which is currently my obvious weakest link.

Now I’ve been at Lahti at my mom’s home and working from there through the whole Easter Holidays. Franz has kept me company. ❤ ❤


20160326_211011.jpgLast night I had a good squat workout at Fressi Lahti. Did front squats 5 x 5 with 45 kilos, which is a good weight for me :). The gym was almost completely empty – oh, the peace! Then I chilled out with a good book and my own Easter treats – no chocolate for me, as I’m trying really hard to clean my diet to lose the extra weight I’ve gained in the last couple of months due taking massive amounts of cortisone and being hypothyroid.


But now I want to share this great interview of Lyle McDonald by IceCream4PRs’ Jeff Nippard where they talk about Nutrition and Training for Women – Part 1. Enjoy! 🙂

Happy Easter from me and Franz!




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