Tired With My Thyroid

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The quote above seems to fit my situation perfectly – ah, the irony of life! I battle with my body every single day. In my mind I will conquer all obstacles and win… at times. This week has yet again been full of “heck, no” -days instead.

I haven’t had any problems with my thyroid for so long I almost forgot what it feels like. Now I remember 🙂. I’m cold almost all the time. My muscles ache constantly as if I’ve been beaten – twice as much after I’ve execised. I’m swollen up, mostly at my face and ankles but there’s extra fluid under my skin all over the place. It’s some days hard even to get my shoes to fit. And my tiredness has reached completely new heights. Even 10-12 hours of sleep won’t fix it.

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My newest lab work showed normal free T4, my TSH was low as usual but free T3 was low for me, 4.1 (I feel best at upper limits, 5-6) and I upped my T3 medication slightly. My ferritin levels were 40, and thyroid patients should have up to 100 so I started taking iron and vitamin C. I really, really, really hope I will begin to feel better soon or I’ll flip. Honestly. I’m so tired at times all I want to do is cry. I’m terrified I mess up with a patient at work as I’m so brain-fogged all the time. All my spare time is used sleeping.

Hmmm… What else? I managed to drag myself to weightlifting class. Need to work on my snatch lift-offs and form, and focus on doing lifts slow enough with good technique, not to rash into the lift. This week we did cluster sets. But I’ve totally missed powerlifting practice. I’m still sick all the time, slight temperature and sore throat and trouble with asthma etc. etc. I need to stock up on my inhalers.

Hey, at least I don’t have a broken leg or anything. Only broken mind. Willpower pending.



Franz is trying to cheer me up by licking (and biting) my arm as I type. He’s still a godsend. ❤

With high hopes (but low expectations),




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