Olympic Lifting Revisited

I’m finally recovering from my annoyingly loooong problems with asthma, yay! After two weeks of using up all my inhalers and one week of 15 mgs prednisolone I started to make progress – that is, I got sinusitis :). Now I’ve been on antibiotics for 3 days.  After starting the meds, I have only needed one or two puffs of extra inhalers here and there and my lungs and sinuses are clearing up. I usually have a very conservative approach to antibiotic use because of the side effects on gut bacteria etc., and usually upper respiratory tract infections are of viral origin anyway, so I hesitated a lot whether or not to start taking ab. But now I apparently had a secondary bacterial infection thing going on so I’m happy to finally start feeling better.

I’m so excited about my weightlifting school! I’ve been going for only two weeks now and I’m totally hooked :). We’re training once a week at CrossFit Herttoniemi‘s box in Helsinki and the course lasts for 16 weeks. I’ve been at the box before to train with my powerlifting (and now weightlifting) coach Anni and to see the Ghetto Snatch competition. The place is really great with lots of room, good air conditioning and equipment. You can read more from my previous posts:

New Powerlifting Coach And Sneak Peek At The World Of CrossFit

Ghetto Snatch 2015

Last week we practiced snatch technique. I’d practiced snatch before a couple of times with Anni so this wasn’t completely new to me. The most important thing for me about the weightlifting school is to learn proper technique – and have fun :). As some of my readers aren’t familiar with Olympic lifting, I’m posting videos about proper technique so you can see what I was supposed to do 😀 each session. I’ll try to remember what we did… (ah, the brain fog…)

5 sets of 2 reps of Hang Snatch Pull followed by Hang Power Snatch:

6 x 3 Snatch Pull (we did this with very slow concentric tempo):

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

This Tuesday we went over last week’s snatch exercises and did some Hang Snatches:

Most of the this week’s class was spent on doing long clean & jerk complexes. As I’ve never done jerks ( not counting the human kind, though 😉 ), I was a bit anxious how I’d do, but Anni was very patient with me <3.

5 sets of 3 reps of Hang Power Clean followed by 3 Front Squats followed by one Power Jerk and one (Split) Jerk:

At the end of class we did some jumping exercises. First we trained with a partner so that one of us would do a jumping squat while the partner stood behind holding onto our sides and helped the jump by slightly lifting up and backward. We did 3 sets of 3 reps of the partner-assisted jumping squats. The day finished with 3 sets of 5 reps of back squat jumps with a stick.

I was pretty beat down after the training session! Luckily I’d had enough wit that with my prolonged flu thing going on and my asthma still acting up I’d taken enough inhaler and HC (a total of 30 mgs extra – that’s a high dose even for me) so I felt good and didn’t have any nausea, weakness or symptoms of low blood glucose afterwards. But I sure crashed into bed early that night!

I’ll keep on posting about my powerlifting progress also as soon as I have some :D.

Happy weekend and keep on liftin’,




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