All About AI, Less About Me

I haven’t been here for a while, again! Sorry about that… I guess I want so hard for this to be a training blog and as I yet again haven’t been training I haven’t really wanted to post anything. And I’m getting depressed. Besides not being able to work out due to adrenal and other health issues, I’ve been sleeping poorly and worrying about the health of my relatives. And I’ve also been terribly busy with voluntary work.

Last weekend we traveled to Tampere with Frans to Addison patient organisation’s board meeting. The trip went really well, he found good company, got a lot of hugs and fell asleep in our secretary’s bag <3.

What? No, I havent just woken up...


Yesterday we had an Addison support group meeting and activity day in Vantaa, the first one I organised by myself from the beginning :). First we went to Flamingo Spa to relax and unwind:

All photos from Flamingo Spa

Afterwards we chatted and ate Italian delicacies at restaurant La Famiglia:

Our wonderful Addy group <3
Our wonderful Addy group ❤
Pasta rigatoni with chicken, goat cheese and caper – yum!

I really need to rest and sleep more and get to lower my huge dose of cortisone before I turn into Michelin (wo)man. I’ve been stress dosing constantly and haven’t been able to focus on my health and wellbeing. I hope I’ll have the time and mental and physical energy to begin to exercise again, also.

Still with love and hugs (and licks from Frans),




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