Powerlifting Workouts Update

Focusing on rest and less is more -attitude seemed to be working for me – for a while, at least. Despite being constantly extremely tired from lowering my hydrocortisone dose, I managed to get in a couple good workouts last week. My program was initially meant to include 4 lifting sessions per week, but as I’m still recovering and am trying to take things easy for my body I’ve been aiming at lifting only 3 times a week.

But as always, things are not so easily anticipated and never go smoothly in AI-land… :/

I yet again rushed. And am now banging my head at the brick wall. After hitting it 100 km/h. I had lowered my hydrocortisone dose back into 35 mg – sooo close to my “normal” dose. But since last Friday, I started to experience symptoms of low cortisol again. I got extremely tired. No, tired isn’t the right word. Exhausted. So exhausted that my limbs weighted a ton. Even lifting an arm seemed like an impossible task. Sleeping 12 hours a day is a luxury I don’t have every day, and even when I did sleep that much last weekend, I was still as tired when I woke up. My muscles ached and cramped constantly. Have you ever seen your quads and delts flex themselves? Well, I have. Good for me. Yay. The constant dizziness and nausea were the last straw and I had to stress dose yesterday. Now I’m waiting for the effect to kick in as I’d really like to feel at least somewhat normal, thank you.

I still wanted to summarize a bit how I’ve been training, when I’ve been training. Partly as a reminder to myself that I’m not a complete loser 24/7.  I just need some more ooomph from my HC bottle to get back into the groove. Here’s what I did training-wise last week before another adrenal insufficiency meltdown:

Sunday 3.1.2016:

I did a quick back workout I was supposed to after deadlifts and squats, but I was feeling so beat down I divided the workout into two and did deads and squats on Monday…

Lat pulldown 4 x 10, Hammer 25+25 kg

Seated row 4 x 10, 45 kg

DB row 3 x 8, 18 kg


Monday 4.1.2016:

Deadlift 5 x 5, 70 kg

Felt quite nice n’ easy.

Box squat 3 x 8, high bar 45 kg

Damn this was hard! Any sets with over 5 reps are my cardio nowadays…

Ab roll-outs 3 x 10


Thursday 7.1.2016:

Chin up 5 x 2 -> 1+1

Damn I’m heavy..! It’s really shameful to be this “fat” and weak as in November I could do at least 4 chin ups with bodyweight, but now I managed a measly one at a time. I had to rest 10-15 seconds between every rep :/ but I’ll get stronger! (as I vowed not to diet now I just have to build up some muscle to pull up this useless chunk of flab I carry around…)

Back squat 6 x 6, low bar 55 kg

I was little worried how I’d pull off the squats as I haven’t done any even heavy-ish squatting since last November before I got sick. But every set went well! I could stabilize my core and felt I had a few more reps in the tank – which is good since next week I’ll be doing the 6 x 6 with 60 kilos…

Leg extension 5 x 10, 20 kg


Hamstring curl 5 x 10, 35 kg

Left only 0-1 reps in the tank and got massive pump and burn… Boy, it was difficult to walk down the gym stairs after the workout… 🙂

I want to feel confident and enthusiastic about my powerlifting training. I guess I’m a little ambiguous because of my recent setbacks because of being ill so much and missing workouts. I truly hope that with more cortisone and still getting the rest I need to recover I’ll soon get back to training more frequently. I wish I had more spoons than these lousy few I appear to run out of before midday nowadays… Trying to stay positive. I really am.

Image courtesy of 9comeback at FreeDigitalPhotos.net / Idea for text originally from Dear Fibromyalgia

Great workouts and (hopefully) energetic week for everyone,




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