My Motto For 2016

My Motto for Year 2016:

~Take it Easy, Go Slow & Be Lazy~

Now’s the time to post my pledges of great accomplishments and feats of wonder for Year 2016, right? Maybe I’ll climb Mount Everest. Or at least take the cable car to the top of Rukatunturi. Finish my PhD I haven’t even started yet. Compete in Finnish Figure Nationals. Bench my weight. Lose 10 kilos of that annoying extra cortisone fat around my belly and then bench my weight. Read self-development books, hundreds of publications about cortisol and exercise and nail that 2016 Reading Challenge already at the end of January. Or…not.

Rukatunturi, Kuusamo – image source

As I did recap of last year in my mind, I was amazed of all the things I accomplished even when I was at times horribly ill. I found a new job I could do, all on my own, when most employers would have rejected me. I fought against terrible doctors and negative disability benefit verdicts. I participated in and survived the annual krav maga Utti Summer Camp mayhem. I started to train powerlifting. I travelled around Finland and abroad. Got the spark to begin my career as an exercise scientist. Started volunteering in Addison patient organization. And so much more. Now I get dizzy just thinking about it all. No wonder I felt exhausted many times and probably ate more hydrocortisone than a dozen other AI patients put together (at least if you’re talking to my old endo. 10+5 mg is the way to goooo…)

I’ve always – always – been a goal-oriented person. A real go-getter. I looove setting goals, making schedules and planning my strategies in achieving them. If I’m not competing with others, at least I want to compete with myself. Harder, faster, better, more. I’ve never been able to be wholly satisfied with what I’ve accomplished and get anxious if I try to just be and rest. It’s something I’m working on with my therapist as my perfectionism is one of the biggest obstacles in my pursuit of wellbeing and coping with my illnesses.

So, maybe I should once in my life be sensible and take heed of advice I often seem to get – take it easy, stupid!

I won’t post any damn motivational quote of busy worker bees and working out efficiently. At least for two weeks. Promise. Instead, I will…

  • Postpone anything and everything I plan to do today that can be done tomorrow into day after tomorrow
  • Sleep whenever the heck I feel like it (if my puppy allows it)
  • Do always one rep less in the gym
  • Stare more at my facebook feed with saucer eyes, drooling slightly whenever I think I should be doing something important
  • Read twice as many entertaining sci-fi and fantasy books than strength theory and medical handbooks
  • Skip as many parties as possible, instead lounging on the sofa in pajamas drinking cheap light cider and green tea (not at the same time though)
  • Abstain from setting lifting goals
  • Quit dieting for a while and eat a heck of a lot of protein – Lord save my poor kidneys…
  • Coax, bribe and threaten my friends to entertain my puppy from hell so I can sleep

More this…

(Image source)

…and this 😉

(Image source)

Have a wonderfully slow and lazy week,




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