Everything Post Christmas

Hopefully everyone has survived Christmas at least partly sane and in good health. I’ve always been a Christmas person even though due to profession I’ve spent numerous ones at work. I can understand why people get anxious, depressed and even suicidal during Christmas Holidays. The amount of hopes, expectations and demands we place for both ourselves and for the celebration of our Holiday time to be “successful” is often overwhelming. No wonder so many people also get hospitalized due to adrenal crisis around Christmas.

I managed to prevent going to worse condition by adding enough hydro to my daily dose. I’m a little scared what my new endo – though so far she’ been wonderful – will have to say about that when she calls next week about my lab work. I’ve been on 45-50 mg HC from November because of being sick and attempting to lower my dose too fast has only gotten me into trouble as I’ve then felt horrible and have had to updose. I guess I have to try to lower my dose gradually from next week forward – maybe 5 mg every week if my endo concurs with me about it (though I still probably do as I please no matter what she says). I’m so over feeling nauseous and dizzy with a horrific brain fog. Is having a good quality of life with AI too much to ask for? I also have to consider that I can’t work if I feel that way, I’m simply unable to think straight and could jeopardize patients if I’m suffering from brain fog. If I can’t work out simple calculations, forget things said to me two minutes ago and have trouble concentrating I’m in no condition to answer for patients’ health and wellbeing.

There’s a lot of things I can be, and should be happy about. This Christmas I managed to get some much needed rest (even though it meant stress dosing before and during and lots of preparations in the week before). I saw both my parents, and got to spend time with my mother here at Lahti. During my illness, I managed to knit so much all my friends got something handmade as a Christmas present :). That was handy also because getting a puppy is costly business! Though he’s absolutely worth it ❤


Luckily this year I only did consult work by the phone. So I got to sit at my mom’s, eating Christmas candy and ginger bread, drinking lots of mulled wine (no alcohol there, mind you).20151225_083746.jpg

I got some nice presents, too :). My boyfriend gave me a book (from a list I had compiled – so it was partly a surprise and partly something I knew I wanted):


And my friend Mia knitted my these beautiful knuckle warmers:


I also managed to get to the gym both yesterday and today – Yippee! Yay me 🙂

Friday 25th: 

  • Overhead squat 12.5 kg 2 x 4 reps, 17.5 kg 2 x 4 reps
  • Overhead press 20 kg 3 x 8 reps
  • Upright row with cable 45 kg 4 x 8 reps
  • Lateral raises 6 kg 4 x 12 reps

Saturday 26th:

  • Chin ups 4 x 2 reps with bodyweight
  • Back squat 50 kg 6 x 6 reps
  • Leg extension 22.5 kg 3 x 10 reps, 25 kg 2 x 10 reps
  • Leg curl 22.5 kg 5 x 10 reps

New Year’s around the corner, and soon I will have to do some mental closure about all the things that happened this year. It’s going to be tough but I need to sort all out once and for all so I can happily move on to year 2016.

Wishing you all a Very Merry Weekend,




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