My New Workout Buddy

Wow. Christmas is coming, and I really haven’t been able to relax with lots to do. Lifting has suffered from both hurry and the long time being ill. But now is not the time to worry and cry. It may be dark outside, but I’m typing away with all my Christmas lighting and even my wake up light on. Today we’re going to drive to the countryside to my boyfriend’s childhood home. On Christmas Eve, I’ll be going to Lahti to spend my Christmas with my mother and working. It will still be a little different as I’ll be sitting in comfortably by the phone (or rather my bluetooth headset on) and not running around a busy ER. I look forward to it :).

But now I want to introduce the new addition to my family: Franz ❤ ❤





img-20151221-wa0002.jpg Franz aka Sweet Paola’s Quo Vadis is male tricolor long coated chihuahua and he just moved in last Friday. We are both totally in love with him with my fiance ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Us getting a dog came as a surprise to many as my boyfriend has allergies. But we have been talking about it (or rather, I have been talking about it 😀 ) for quite some time and many of my friends, including myself, are asthmatics with animal allergies and get no symptoms whatsoever from dogs or other pets in real life. Even the new Finnish National Asthma and Allergy Program focuses on building tolerance to allergens, not avoiding them, and treating symptoms with effective medication.

Franz has really been the sweetest and cutest boy ever – from his second night he’s been sleeping 6-7 hours without crying, walks in a leash, is curious and open-natured towards both adults and children and has already even learned his name! Of course he still has “accidents” and he can when in a playful mood be a complete Tasmanian devil and a whirlwind of activity.

Some of my friends have already been to see him, and we’ll be visiting both friendly people and other dogs in time. When he gets his vaccinations we’ll surely start exploring the city a lot more. After having two large dogs, it’s completely weird – but so convenient – to have one I could fit in my handbag! He likes to exercise and he usually sprints around the apartment as I walk indoors, a great way to build stamina for both of us when it’s cold and wet outside :).

Lots of hugs, kisses and warm licks,




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