Finally, Some Progress

Baby got back to the gym!! ❤

Last week I was at my wit’s end. I was still feeling horrible, dizzy, weak and tired. On Friday I caved in and did what I always delay until the last possible moment – went to see a doctor myself. I was at the same time relieved and puzzled that my lab work was fine, no infections, my electrolytes were within range and lungs were clear etc. I had no idea what was wrong with me. And when I didn’t have a cause, I didn’t know a cure. I was frustrated. I had to relinquish control to my body and just rest.

Somehow, things improved during the weekend. I got more sleep. I cancelled all my plans, although I felt I was a terrible person. And wept. Again. I had been looking forward to a Christmas party with my former med school friends and also had to cancel going to clean my father’s apartment with my sister. But when I got over the anxiety and quilt, I started to get better.

And – drumroll, please – I’ve been to the gym now for two consecutive days! I had to start with baby steps, though, but it doesn’t matter 🙂 I’m back!


  • Back squat 2 x 5 35 kilos 
  • Good morning 2 x 8 30 kilos
  • Back extensions 3 x 10
  • Ab wheel 3 x 8


  • Chin up 3 x 2
  • Bench press 3 x 8 25 kilos
  • Bicep curl with cable 3 x 8 20 kilos supersetted with:
  • Tricep extension with cable 3 x 8 22,5 kilos

After sleeping and suffering from monstrous brain fog and tiredness, things are starting to look better. I even got back to my normal HC dose this week. Maybe there’s some Christmas magic in the air..?



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