Great Powerlifting & Nutrition Resources vol. 1 – Sigma Nutrition

As a curious minded individual and scientist, I’m always looking to learn more about the things I love. It’s very important to me that the information is both valid and scientifically proven, but also easy to understand and tested in real life. Luckily in the era of internet, you can find lots of free and credible sources. I’ve wanted to share the best resources for information I’ve come across with others, so here goes :). These posts will appear totally randomly, and without any order of significance.

First I’d like to introduce Sigma Nutrition by Danny Lennon:

I’ve listened to a bunch of SNR podcasts this week while knitting (yes, seriously) and they’re awesome with dozens of renowned professionals ranging from exercise scientists to physicians, nutritionists, psychologists and sports coaches. Danny also writes a great blog at the site. Check it out!

My favorite picks:

Blog posts:

What’s The ROI Of Your Nutrition Choices? Hopefully a thought-provoking blog post about what’s really important about nutrition and what’s not. Don’t major in the minor!

The Ridiculously Simple Guide To Sustainable Fat Loss – To all us dieters out there 🙂

Sigma Nutrition Radio Podcasts:

SNR #28: Eric Helms – Dieting, Macros & Critical Thinking for Physique and Strength Athletes

SNR #43: Dr. Mike Israetel – All You Need To Know About Nutrient Timing

SNR #79: Eric Helms – Nutrition For Powerlifters

❤ Insightful reading and listening ❤ ,




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