Sick Of Being Sick

I’ve yet again been away from the gym for over a week. We probably had an enterovirus infection with my boyfriend last week with headache, mild temperature and pharyngitis. As a nice bonus from the entero, we both now have post-viral headache and dizziness. So no adrenal-related after all, as I first thought, as my boyfriend suffers from it as well. I haven’t been able to do much else than rest this week. Even slow walking makes me drench in sweat and I get dizzy spells. Damn, damn. I soooo miss gym…

I’ve been so tired I haven’t been outside much and feel I’m getting cabin fever. I’ve tried to focus on my other hobbies now that I haven’t been able to exercise, such as:

Watching The Tudors

Knitting a new scarf for coming winter


Besides abovementioned pastimes, I’ve read more scifi and played some PS3 – mostly Dragon Age 2, but I started Dragon Age: Inquisition as well. The graphics are a lot nicer and I like that the world seems at least a little bit more open for adventure. I guess I should be lucky I have other hobbies than exercise, otherwise I would’ve gone crazy already…

Powerlifting is still occupying a lot of space in my thoughts. I’m currently wondering if I should start my 8 week cycle from the beginning if I get to go to the gym next week. I only had done my light / deload week and 3 training sessions from next week’s program before I got sick. It might be best to start the whole thing again rather than try to continue the program from where I left. I could ask my coach, but now she’s already in Houston and I wouldn’t want to mess up her getting ready for the Worlds. I still should know my body best. With my adrenal issues, I guess the safest and most reasonable way is to start my training cycle from week one. Sigh.

Here’s hoping next week will be a better one,




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