Ghetto Snatch 2015

Last weekend I went to see Ghetto Snatch vol 2 at Crossfit Herttoniemi’s box in Helsinki. It’s a weightlifting competition for crossfitters and there was also an invitation-only comp for Finnish Oly lifters. My coach Anni also competed there. I was feeling a little sick then, but it was a no-brainer I’d go and cheer her <3.

Ghetto Snatch also served as the last competition for some of the lifters from Finnish National Weightlifting Team before the IWF World Weightlifting Championships in Houston, 20-28 November – gosh, now less than a week away! – so I got to see some famous names and unbelievably tough performances.

Actually, the first time I met Anni face-to-face was at Herttoniemi last summer. You can read more about it from my post New Powerlifting Coach And Sneak Peek At The World Of CrossFit.

I’m really glad I went there, the atmosphere was once again so warm and welcoming. The crowd was enthusiastic and hopefully we were able to cheer the great competitors enough :). There was also an equipment sale and a lottery – I bought five tickets, too. Didn’t win anything, though, but the money went into a good cause.

All pictures below are from Ghetto Snatch’s facebook page photo gallery. Copyrights © Jussi Jokinen & Voimaurheilijoiden tuki RY. All rights reserved.

Anni Vuohijoki – I love my coach, she’s the best! ❤

I nearly got worried when Anni missed a couple of her lifts – her C&J score depended on her last attempt and I actually held my breath during the lift, which she aced. It’s at the same time ridiculously dangerous to my blood pressure and intriguing for my mind to follow how athletes compose themselves after failure at contests. I want to be able to do that as well. I do think I have had a lot of practice of gathering my wits after numerous adversities in my life. But contests – no idea how I would react. Hopefully I’ll get to practice just that already next year if I progress with my lifting enough to compete.

Some other pictures from the meet and great people to follow:

Laura Liukkonen is from CF Herttoniemi and was so warm and welcoming to me last summer ❤

Miika Antti-Roiko – a tough, tough man. Someone to follow at Houston 2015 soon!

I also took a new step towards weightlifting. I signed up for weightlifting school that starts in next February at Crossfit Herttoniemi’s box. It’s held once a week by my coach Anni and lasts for 16 weeks in total :). I hope I will learn a great deal about Olympic lifting and meet new like-minded people! As I only recently wrote in Where Is My Support Group?, I’d love to get new friends who are interested in lifting weights and fitness lifestyle in general. I now have a lot to look for in year 2016!

Good gains and happy lifting for all,





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