What Are My Goals For The Rest Of Year 2015?

So… I have too much time in my hands as I’m still recovering from God knows what my beautifully messed up body has decided to throw against me once again. I don’t have fever anymore. I have mildly sore throat, and some headache, and this damned dizziness isn’t leaving me, so every time I stand up the room seems to start spinning. My temper’s starting to get the best of me very soon… I’m stress dosing with double hydrocortisone and hope this will pass soon so I can get back to the gym. I’ve only been able to do light walking indoors at home. I’ve actually been a little scared I’ll pass out if I go out walking alone.

I decided that besides reading some sci-fi and exercise science research articles I’d pass the time by listing some goals  I want to reach before the end of this year. I have both measurable numeric goals and behavior goals that are habits I must follow in order to reach my more specific numeric goals.

My numeric goals to reach before end of 2015:

  • I want to squat at least 1 rep with 70 kilos

  • I want to weigh less than 65 kilos

  • I want to have under 70 cm waist

  • I want to do 5 consecutive chin ups

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

My behavior goals to reach those stated above:

  • Do my assigned workouts as per plan

  • Continue dieting with 2350 kcal/day, protein appr. 140 g/day, adjust calories downwards if needed

  • Walking my planned 12,500 steps per day

  • Practice my chin ups at home with adequate rest periods

  • Foam roll, stretch and otherwise take care of my mobility and recovery

Where am I now regarding my goals? I’m doing an assessment about my diet this weekend with new measurements. If I’m feeling better, I’ll be also testing some squat numbers and chin ups.




4 thoughts on “What Are My Goals For The Rest Of Year 2015?

  1. Best of luck on all your goals!

    One thing that helped me with pull-ups/chin-ups:

    I put a doorway pull-up bar in one of the door frames that I go through in my house all the time. Every time I walked under it, I repped some out! Frequency is key 🙂 Also as you drop kilos it will be a little bit easier!

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