Where Is My Support Group?

I’ve really struggled with temptations and carb cravings this week and feel I would have needed more peer support. I toughed and reasoned it out, as I usually do. But I wish I had more friends who would understand. Who would listen to my venting and we could cheer each other, supporting our mutual healthy lifestyle. Right now I only have a couple of friends who regularly work out, but I see them rarely, and none of them lift. With most we also don’t keep in touch that often that I could get regular support and talk about nutrition and training. I really miss that kind of friendship. I guess it could be possible to find some new friends who would be interested in the same things.

From late evening walk with my boyfriend - at least walking is something most people can relate to
From late evening walk with my boyfriend – at least walking is something most people can relate to…

It’s great to be an inspiration to others and help people with their diets and exercise. But sometimes I’d like to be the novice who gets support and advice. I would also like to have someone who I could look up to. Fitness and powerlifting life can be a lonely road to travel. I don’t just “go” to the gym and try to eat more veggies. I want to be an athlete. I have goals in my life. I train hard and follow my workout plan. I plan my diet and count my macros every day, whether I feel like it or not. I wish I had people in my life who share that passion. People who would “get” me. Many times I feel I’m not understood. Tolerated, yes, sometimes with partial amusement, like my training is just another cute “hobby”. But it’s a lifestyle I couldn’t live without. And that is a big difference. Big enough to create a huge trench between me and my friends and family. I wish I wasn’t so alone with this.

Do you have friends who share your passion with exercise and nutrition? If you don’t, do you wish you had?




14 thoughts on “Where Is My Support Group?

  1. Hi, enjoyed reading this. I am in similar situation i am on the road to eating and training like an athlete and pay close attention to my nutrition and weightlifting. I also don’t have many friends with similar goals only my trainer. Maybe we can support each other. Checkout my blog also at http://www.thefitnessbug.com Also, i have subbed to you 🙂

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  2. I think a lot of people are in similar situations on different planes so to speak. For me my “level” is much less than yours BUT the struggle is still very much real. I really was in a position to just do my own thing, then a friend saw me on Map My Walk and decided to “come join in”. Yet she is not entirely reliable and our “goals” and drive are quite different so it is sometimes as much frustrating as helpful. I can’t say that I can help inspire you because I am indeed a novice and as I said not on your level, but please know that you are NOT alone in your struggle not at ALL! Much Love, (I love your blogs btw)!

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  3. Most of my friends are not into fitness at the same level as I am either. I actually have a few friends that I found from Instagram who are my support!

    I prefer training on my own though so I don’t really need a gym buddy ya know? But it is nice to talk to someone who has the same goals as you.

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  4. While my husband has his mountain biking and self supported overnight mountain biking rides (i.e. like from Canada to Mexico) that he loves to do and has many friends that do that with him – I myself have my bootcamp, my boxing, and my weights that I love to do and am always alone. I do have girls within my classes wherein we all workout together, but I always go by myself, chat with them (maybe for a few minutes), come home by myself and that’s that. I don’t have anyone either. But, I love going to my workouts! Like you, It would be nice to have a friend who goes to the classes with you and you see each other all the time and workout all the time together. Maybe one day… 🙂

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    • At least we have our online support! 🙂 When I was younger my friends seemed to think I was crazy as I loved lifting heavy weights… I looked up to older fitness competitors at my gym but never dared to go talk to them.. 🙂


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