Something New, Something Old & Something Blue

Oh, how the days go by! I’ve been both super busy and super tired these past few days. Having a lot to do is normally fun for me, but now my body just cries for rest and sleep. I hope I can oblige it…

Last week was my light training / deload week at the and I really needed it :). I can’t say I’m bursting with energy, but at least looking forward to lifting some serious weight once again. I got my new program for the next 8 weeks from my coach Anni and I’m excited to begin it!

I’m in love with squatting <3. It’s hard, and sweaty, and did I say hard? I’ve gotten better with controlling my body and finding balance seems much easier now. Big thanks to lots of overhead squats :). I still haven’t progressed in kilos, but my form is much better so I still have patience to believe my numbers will slowly go up. Due to my back problems last month I’ve only done front squats and high bar back squats. I’ve meticulously done the rehab exercises my OMT therapist ordered every day. With my new program I’m going to try low bar squatting again and see how it goes.

Now that I’ve practiced power snatches I also feel that my abs are getting much stronger than before, and I’m getting the explosiveness that I usually lack. I think that practicing Olympic lifting can really benefit me with overall strength and power development. Besides the big three lifts and their variations, I’m still doing accessory work, and I believe that getting more muscle especially into my thighs will help me getting my squat numbers up.

Last Saturday I went to pilates as usual but had to hurry back home as we were having our Halloween board game night with some friends. We played Eldrich Horror and had so much fun!

Playing Eldrich Horror at Halloween

I also needed the break from heavy lifting as I had to preserve energy for last weekend’s endeavor: 5 hours of krav maga training ❤ !! Last Sunday I went with my friend Katja to the Espoo Krav Maga dojo to practice P2 & P3 level techniques. I’m planning to test for P2 level next year, though I’m in no rush – health comes first and I want to get a decent amount of regular training again.

The training begun at 10 AM, and as we had only half an hour lunch break the time was used very efficiently to go through all the techniques required. We were separated into two groups where half of us practiced P2 & P3 level technique and the other half P4 & P5. I practice Krav Maga Global (KMG) and we don’t have belt levels – instead the levels are divided into five Practitioner (P1-5), Graduate (G1-5) and Expert (E1-5) levels – above that, there’s three Master levels.

KMG grading system

Learn more about krav maga:

You can read about my summer camp experience at Utti last June here:

I got some new beautiful bruises! I always wear my blue krav badges with pride 😉 :

Posing and working :)
Posing while working 🙂

I was a bit worried how I’d cope with training as after Utti last summer I hadn’t done any long training sessions but everything went really well. I took extra hydro approximately 10 mg/h and felt good throughout the day. Of course I also had my Solu-Cortef vial with me if anything went wrong and I’d go into crisis. It’s really important to train with a partner who understands your disabilities and takes things easy enough. I always make sure my training partner and our instructor knows where I keep my Solu-Cortef and knows how to inject it in case of emergency.

Train smart and train safe,




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