The Snickers Experiment By Sohee Walsh

As I’ve been super duper busy with life and stuff I wanted to share a great post by Sohee Walsh advocating the benefits of IIFYM :).

Read here how Sohee prepped for her last bikini contest and ended up winning her height class and a pro card – while eating a full-sized Snickers bar every day:

Flexible dieting rocks!

I promise to get back soon with some new posts <3. Love ya all,




4 thoughts on “The Snickers Experiment By Sohee Walsh

  1. Sohee is pretty cool. I’ve followed her for a while. I found her from her collaborations with Layne Norton (pretty much my idol growing up. Ha ha.)

    Definitely a smart lady, and I love her focus on doing things intelligently and with balance.

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