Painkillers And Movie Marathons

Who’s an efficient athlete? The one who only gets sick on rest days… šŸ˜‰

Last night I slept pretty poorly and decided that today I’ll abstain from training and get some much needed rest and recovery. I’ve had a mildly stuffy nose for some time now and have been using my nasal rinse bottle to prevent sinusitis:

As I’ve written before I have mild immunodeficiency with low immunoglobulin levels so I get viral and bacterial infections easily. I’ve taken preventiveĀ antibiotic treatment with tetracycline for over a year because of this. It has helped me a lot, I haven’t had a single bacterial upper respiratory infection in whole year now. And when I started doing only phone consultation workĀ at home, my viral resp infections also stopped. Right now I do miss normal patient work but I don’t miss having a cold every other week or so. Actually, now that I’ve been able to do such light work and rest, I’ve been taking a pause from eating my antibiotic for over a month now. With the blessing of my doctor, of course.

Now I’m wondering if I’m developing a bacterial sinusitis or if this is going to pass with rest and rinsing my nasal cavities. I’ve had an annoying headache as well and have been forced to take painkillers as pain increases my need for hydrocortisone. I also have work today so I’m answering my consult phone as well and need to be sharp – no room for pain or brain fog from AI. But as an acupuncturist, there’s also other remedies than just pills to ease the headache. So I put some needles on… šŸ˜€

Little acupuncturist at work

Now I’m gonna treat myself with some homemade vanilla Pepsi:

Homemade goodness with Pepsi Max ā¤ and vanilla extract

When I’m finished with work, I plan to stay tightly on the sofa. I haven’t watched Silence of the Lambs in a long time, and if I’m up to it, maybe I’ll continue with Hannibal and Red Dragon.

Stay healthy (or put some needles on),




2 thoughts on “Painkillers And Movie Marathons

  1. So efficient of you to get sick on a rest day! Like a boss! I usually get sick if I take more than 2 days rest. People keep telling me that your body will keep going when it’s under stress, but once you give it a chance (ie. take your foot off the gas slightly), it’ll ‘take the opportunity’ to get sick. Weird logic, and probably not at all scientifically backed, but it’s true for me!

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