I Just Love Saturdays

Again one eventful week is nearing it’s end… And I’ve loved every minute!

I couldn’t be happier with my training right now. The day before yesterday I had a great workout with my old personal trainer, Roy – a shout out if you happen to be reading this! Thanx ❤ !! I did diligently my front squats and leg extension as per program, but after that we really hit my delts: shoulder presses, lateral raises with kettlebells (really minimizes my manly traps from intervening), and different rear delt exercises with cables and machines. I had a blast and it was really great to train with him after a loooong break. It’s also great to get tips about good bodybuilding exercises and tweaks to my training.

Roy recommended I’d try out Fressi gym chain’s other gym at Espoo Iso Omena’s (Big Apple 🙂 ) mall as it has good weightlifting equipment and space. And as I checked out from their web page, they also have hot yoga ❤ so I’ll definitely give Fressi Iso Omena a try! I’ll post my experiences here :).

Yesterday I trained with coach Anni at Ruskeasuo weightlifting gym. I practiced power snatches with her nephew 🙂 – what a great young lad, by the way! I’m beginning to fall in love with Olympic lifting… This may be serious 😉 so beware, figure competitions..! I also got a new hoodie from Anni:

Tangon päässä on vielä tilaa - Theres still room at the end of the bar :)
Tangon päässä on vielä tilaa – Theres still room at the end of the bar 🙂

Especially my Finnish followers, you can buy great quality workout gear or a new T-shirt from Anni’s webshop and you’ll be helping her along her path to Rio Olympics ❤ :  http://www.voimakauppa.com/

Today I again neared death at traditional pilates for fighters workout at Espoon Krav Maga. We have mimicked lots of creatures – such as mermaids and rabbits – but today I mostly felt like an overfed sea lion gasping for air… After dragging my heavy ass back home I somehow found within myself the willpower to vacuum the place and do some dusting. Besides willpower, music with volume nearly enough to mass murder half of my inner ear’s hair cells always helps:

Now I’m off to couch. I’ve been reading a great steampunkish fantasy book by Katherine Addison:

Cover picture from Goodreads

I can warmly recommend the book if you happen to like fantasy with believable, sympathetic protagonist(s), good plotting and guile.

And as Halloween draws near, I’ll be spending the rest of the evening with some cool vampire movies ❤ – first of all, I want to watch Blade again. Isn’t Wesley Snipes just cool – or ultra cool?

Image source

And Stephen Dorff is hot, hot, hot ❤ ❤

Image source

So… Nice Saturday for everyone!





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