Happy Little Dieter

After some blah blah not-so-happy-go-lucky posts it’s time for positive news! My diet is going really well and I’m excited to share my new measurements 🙂 :

First measurements taken 29.8.2015.

Weight:  71.9 -> 68.6 kg

Shoulders (widest point):  103.5 -> 103 cm

Chest: 103 -> 100 cm

Right bicep: 32 -> 31.5 cm

Waist:  77.5 -> 74 cm

Hips (widest point): 95 -> 93.5 cm

Right thigh: 58.5 -> 57.5 cm

I’m so happy with my diet results so far 🙂 ! I haven’t had any cravings as nothing is off-limits with flexible dieting. Nor have I had any binges or bad hunger pangs. Everything goes smoothly and my energy levels are good. Even traveling hasn’t hindered my dieting progress. At home I weigh most of my food and it has benefited me with ability to easily estimate the amounts when eating out. At this point at least there’s really no reason to walk around carrying a kitchen scale with me 😉 …

I treated myself with some new clothes when I hit under 70 kilos. I bought a new T-shirt, a training top, college pants and a sweater from Tampere as well as new earrings and a matching necklace. ❤

Happy dieter
Happy dieter with a new cool T-shirt and some bling

Nature has always such a calming effect on me. Besides meditation (that I should really start doing again), walking in the forest is more than just exercise. It’s a place where I can rest my usually fidgety mind and just focus on experiencing the beautiful scenery, smell the pines or fresh grass, listen to the birds chirping and wind rustling the leaves. I’m glad I’ve always lived near woodlands – Finland is great in that way :).

Some pictures I took when walking with a friend and her dog at Espoo central park:





Today I’m planning on hitting the gym for some deadlifts and later in the evening continuing my recovery efforts with foam rolling and stretching – preferably while watching Supernatural. “Thanks” again for my friend for getting me hooked…

Next week I hope to be able to return to my normal lifting program, and possibly train with my coach ❤ – we haven’t seen in a long time due to my work and study travels and her competition schedule and other events.

To all my Addy friends and others “forced” to take corticosteroids for life – you can do this! We’ll survive to live another day. And it’s not impossible to lose weight, either. I’ve done this while being on stress dose of 45-60 mg of HC most of the time. Today was my second day this whole month of surviving on my normal dose of 30 mg. Don’t lose hope! I can be reached for tips with diet and exercise if you want, too :).

Wonderful Sunday to everyone ❤ ,





2 thoughts on “Happy Little Dieter

  1. Congrats on you success! I lost just over 10 lbs during the summer, but found I really needed to add activity to my day. Not much, as I really have little to no energy , but I did it. Keep up the good work!

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