Random Bits Of Happiness

Hiya all! ❤ I’m starting a new week slightly tired but with positive vibes. I hope I’ll now have the time and energy to blog more often! There’s a bunch of things going on with my life and lots of reasons to be happy about:

  • Even though I’ve been traveling 3-4 days a week for the past 3 weeks, not being able to exercise during that time, and have been eating conference dinners with lots of delicious desserts I’ve tracked my macros and stayed with my weight loss plan. I now weigh 69,1 kilos 🙂 – getting to that 63 kg!
  • Today I had a great walk with my friend Jenna. We went to the conservation area in Laajalahti and hiked a nature trail there:

wpid-20151012_103255.jpg wpid-20151012_103722.jpg wpid-20151012_103301.jpg wpid-20151012_103315.jpg wpid-20151012_103543.jpg wpid-20151012_103650.jpg

  • It was so nice to see my Addy friend at Tampere – twice in two weeks :). She has two kittens that were really cute ❤ – although I have to admit I’ve always been more of a dog person myself. I may have gotten bit by a puppy fever, too bad my boyfriend is allergic… 😦 Anyway, I couldn’t resist buying the furry critters new toys to maul:

wpid-20151009_181050.jpg wpid-20151009_181030.jpg

  • My traveling frenzy is finally over! Last Saturday I got back to an empty home – my boyfriend was having a night out with his mates. Quality time alone is something I cherish dearly – and I really had a blast all by myself: Dragon Age 2, some good apple cider and my comfiest sweatpants <3. I “partied” until 10 PM – then I fell asleep 😀
  • I’m now a member of the board in Finnish Addison’s disease patient organization. It was heartwarming to see so many wonderful people gathered at our organization’s 20th anniversary meeting at Helsinki at 3rd and 4th of Oct. It’s such an honor to be trusted with helping our cause to get better treatment and quality of life for Finnish Addison patients. I have a lot of ideas and projects partly going on and partly in my head, so there’s bound to be some new groove coming 😉

Cheers to all of you who are reading this blog today – and thank you,





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