Who’s Afraid Of The Big, Bad Endo?

I’m getting my arm tattoo finished as I sit and write this. Autumn is coming, and outside a harsh breeze flies leaves around and gushes at the windows. A perfect time to stay indoors and read some sci-fi.

But I’ll be traveling again. Tonight I’m off to Tampere to the palliative care course. I’ll be staying with a dear Addy friend so it should be fun :).

But now I want to write about my endo appointment yesterday! Luckily I’ve been so busy these past few weeks I didn’t have much time to fret the appointment beforehand. But yesterday I was so nervous my Fitbit Charge HR showed my pulse to be over 125 as I sat in the waiting room, squeezing – crushing – my boyfriend’s hand.

My fear of endocrinologists is maybe more understandable if you read the story of how I got diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency from The Adrenal Diaries blog:


It also seems a lot AI patients have trouble finding a good endo who is both knowledgeble about our rare disease, listens to patients and gives quality care. I’m really sad about this and hope I can in the future work to better the understanding between AI patients and the medical professionals treating them.

With love from Starbuck ;)
With love from Starbuck ๐Ÿ˜‰

The endo called my name and we stood up, me anxious if she’d let my boyfriend come with me. I was in for the first surprise as she smiled at us and said “of course”. She even continued that it’s great to have another set of ears and someone to support you come in with a patient! I was dumbstruck.

The appointment went great. The endo was late because she’d actually read my inch-thick folder of medical history. She asked me how I was doing and went over my medication very meticulously. We talked about my hydrocortisone dose and she said that yes, it’s pretty high but from the fact that I was having clear low cortisol symptoms and have had to updose often there’s no point in trying to lower it. Maybe sometime later when my health situation has stabilized. I can’t believe this. She trusted me when I told her about my symptoms, didn’t try to downplay them, or accuse me of being crazy, and acknowledged that I’m the best person to know how much I need HC??!! Is it Christmas already or should I start buying lottery tickets?

She also took to my concerns about my high blood pressure other doctors have neglegted, and discussed the treatment options with me. We ended up starting an ACE-inhibitor drug that is – her own words – suitable for an athlete. She seemed pleased when I told her how much I exercise. No talk about quitting it or working out less. We talked about my thyroid meds and decided we’d try to lower my levothyroxine (T4) dose a bit as my TSH is really low. I can still continue with my liothyronine (T3). She said if I start to feel worse when we lower the dose I can contact her and we’ll take the dose lowering really slow and only if I tolerate it. Am I lucky or what? ๐Ÿ™‚

I can’t put into words how relieved I was afterwards. I feel I can now trust my doctor and safely assume the role of a patient without having to be afraid for my health and wellbeing and ready to fight for my rights all the time. I hope I can keep her!

Training-wise I’m really happy too! I’m getting quality workouts done. My coach has been really conservative about raising my weights and I’ve been nearly cringing a couple of times as I’ve felt I should do more and lift more. But now I’m seeing and reaping the benefits. I’m slowly getting stronger and my body’s getting accustomed to my work loads. It’s so important to built a good solid foundation of strength and proper movement patterns.

Yesterday I did a very short workout. I went to see a friend who is moving out this weekend and I really wanted to chat with her before that. So I got to the gym only after 9 PM. After warming up, I did:

  • Front squats with slow 4040 tempo 4 x 4, 35 kg
    This was my biggest weight in front squats and damn, it felt easy! I’m so happy ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Bench press 5 x 5, 42.5 kg
    I had trouble with my position and locking my shoulder blades down. Should have my boyfriend to spot me again and film the lifts…
  • Low cable row 4 x 10, 45 kg
    Again new record weight! Yay me ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve used Fat Gripz to strengthen my grip in lot of pulling exercises. But I could lift more without them so I may need to start do more isolated grip strength work from now on. And coach Anni said this week it’s time for me to learn the thumb lock grip and start using it. Ouch… I’ll post how it goes.

My pair of Fat Gripz have really helped with my grip strength
My pair of Fat Gripz have really helped with my grip strength

Somehow I’ve been super hungry this week. To keep my mind off hunger I try to do something all the time; read, play Dragon Age 2 on Playstation, walk around the apartment etc. I’ve also drunk what seems to be gallons of water, peppermint tea and my weakness, Pepsi Max. My friends don’t understand how I can be so hungry with 2500 kcals… At least I can be happy about my good metabolism!

Happy rest of the week and good gains to all, I’m off to Tampere!




2 thoughts on “Who’s Afraid Of The Big, Bad Endo?

  1. Lol, that picture is about right. I see a nurse practitioner at my endo clinic now, and she’s wonderful. I wonder why most endocrinologists I’ve encountered seem so robotic?


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