Workout Update & Motivational Speech

Workout update! Here’s a summary of my last few workouts:


Front squats 4 x 4 with slow tempo (4040), 30 kg. Last set was as many reps as possible (AMRAP) and I got 9 reps 🙂

Bench 5 x 5, 37.5 kg. Last set AMRAP 10 (!)

Cable row 4 x 10, 45 kg

Chin ups 4 x 6 with band


Front squat 4 x 8, 30 kg. Last set AMRAP 12 (failure)

Leg extensions 5 x 12, 32.5 kg

Standing side twists with bar (20 kg) 5 x 15

Ab wheel rollouts 4 x 10


Bench press 5 x 8, 35 kg

Wide-grip pull-ups with band 4 x 6-8 (max)

T-bar row 5 x 8, 25 kg

Calves in leg press machine 3 x max (15-18 reps), 70 kg

I’ve been experimenting with going all out = AMRAP in my last set in the heavier lifts, at least when I have my boyfriend assisting or I’m using a safety bar. I’ve had no idea how much I could lift as I’ve had such a long break from heavy training after I started getting sick a couple of years ago. It’s been hard to gauge how tough my workout has been. I can’t seem estimate how many reps I would’ve gotten unless I actually try it… I’ll see if I continue with it or not, it’s up to my coach to decide.

As a bonus, here’s some mid-week motivation from Les Brown:

Stay strong and never quit,




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