Slow & Steady

Ladies and gentlemen, my first diet update is finally here! Yesterday I took my measurements after being on my flexible diet for three weeks now. The first week I didn’t measure as I was simply too busy, tired, or something. Here’s my massive progress in two weeks:

Weight:  71.9 -> 71.3 kg

Shoulders (widest point):  103.5 -> 104 cm

Chest: 103 -> 101 cm

Right bicep: 32 -> 32 cm

Waist:  77.5 -> 77 cm

Hips (widest point): 95 -> 94.5 cm

Right thigh: 58.5 -> 59 cm

I’m actually not at all disappointed. I’m in no hurry with my diet, and the most important thing for me as I love eating is to be able to keep my calories as high as possible. Also I’d hate to lose muscle. These first two weeks were kind of an experiment to find my optimal calorie intake.

So far I’ve been eating 2600 kcal / day. My protein intake is 2 gram / kg of weight so approximately 140 grams / day. I’m cycling carbs and fat a bit depending on the amount of exercise I do daily. I try to shoot for at least 60 grams of fat from varied sources like fish and fish oil, nuts, olive oil etc.

I practice IIFYM as I’ve posted before:

There’s a lot of misconceptions about IIFYM – for me, at least, it’s not an eat-only-pizza-poptarts-and-ice-cream-diet. I eat at least 5-8 servings of veggies, 1-4 servings of fruit and berries every day, take care of my fiber intake and drink lots and lots of water. Approximately 10-15 % max of my daily calories come from foods some “bro” or “clean” (whatever that means) eaters would label junk food such as candy, ice cream etc. It may even take days I don’t eat any sugary foods I label as my treats. Usually I save them around my workout period to give me energy, lift my spirits and refill muscle glycogen after workout. I don’t see why the heck I should down some awful-tasting dextrose powder when I can eat gummy bears instead? 🙂

Now I’m lowering my daily calories to 2500 per day. I do like to go slow – but not so slow that I’d still be on this diet come next Easter… 😉

I’ve been feeling really well overall and tonight is going to be another squat and bench session, I can’t wait ❤ !

Wishing everyone a great new week,



2 thoughts on “Slow & Steady

  1. Great job, Slow and steady! People have a misconception of IIFYM because they see people posting things like donuts and muffins along with other various “bad” foods. But I think of it more as an 80/20 rule. 80% of the good stuff and you have the option to have 20% of the not so good stuff. Although I don’t want to slow my progress down so I limit that 🙂

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