Avoid Decision Fatigue & Eliminate Distractions

This post and blog is a gem – impossible not to share! I can vouch for most of these tips as a total lifesavers for me. Now I don’t need to write an own post about all this – Helena completely nailed it all!


Do you ever find by the end of the day you struggle to decide what to have for dinner? Stare into the fridge 10 times too many? Potter around your house wondering what you’re doing, unable to make a decision? That’s decision fatigue at its finest! YES you read right, decision fatigue is areal thing. Your brain gets tired, just like your body does from exercise! Last week I blogged about productivity and procrastination. The two blogs tie together so give that one a read first! You can find it here:How to be more productive, manage your time & beat procrastination.

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