Testing My Limits

Yesterday I was still having a mild temperature – but even shorter temper. So I decided I’d give lifting a shot before I’d completely lose my cool and drive my boyfriend insane by my nervous antics in the process. I downed extra HC and some NSAIDs to prevent fever and help with my headache, and went to the gym. I can’t say I excelled in my workout but I did push it. At least it was short and easy:

  1. Close-grip bench 4 x 10
    My coach had put 20 kg on my program and I did the first sets with it. It felt so damn light I decided to find out how many I could do, and ended up grinding 25 reps in the last set and actually ended the set out of boredom…
  2. French press with bar 5 x 8, 20 kg
  3. Triceps cable extension with rope 4 x 10, 25 kg
    Supersetted with:
  4. Bicep curls on cable with rope 4 x 10, 20 kg

I also did some vanity calves (don’t tell the coach, she doesn’t believe in training calves – won’t make me a better lifter, she says…).

After gym I showered at home and at least tried to make myself presentable as I then took a train to Helsinki center to dine with a friend who owned me a dinner. I had a mouthwatering post-workout meal – 250 gram steak with blue cheese and mashed potatoes at restaurant Morrison’s:

I made this fit my macros!

This morning I woke up early to get my lash extensions done :). I love occasional pampering and looking feminine. My lashes and nails are something I’m not willing to give up. It was yet again so relaxing to just lie still with my eyes closed that even though I listened to a fitness podcast I managed to fall asleep in less than 10 minutes – something I almost always do…

Love my “new” lashes – they look really natural

I usually don’t wear make-up at the gym but if I’ve had some more official-ish appointments during the day I don’t see the point in washing it off, either. I’m happy as long as running-down make-up won’t interfere with a sweaty training session. With powerlifting that’s not such a big problem but I couldn’t imagine having make-up on when training krav maga…

No filter, no make-up

After my pampering session I took a trip to the local laboratory to get a jug for my “fun” weekend task – collection of 24 hour urine for lab analysis… I’ll also be donating vials and vials of blood next week, how great. It’s part of getting ready to see my new, yet unknown endocrinologist at the end of this month. Oh, how I dread the appointment already… Wish me luck!

Today I had decided to try and raise my cortisone dose for 1.5 x my normal to see if it would help with my mild fever and headache. And lo and behold, fever – gone. Headache – gone. So I guess at least some times when I’m feeling a little sick but not having any signs of upper respiratory infection it could also be a sign of low cortisol, not just my recurrent fever episodes acting up… It’s just so hard to understand my body and whether I should rest or just down some pills and go lifting. I’m glad I keep a detailed diary about my symptoms, cortisone doses and exercise as it helps at least a little bit in deciphering my body’s cues.

Last week I practiced snatch technique with coach Anni at Ruskeasuo weighlifting gym and got some homework on snatch partial drills I’m now starting to incorporate in my warm ups before lifting. They feel really difficult as I have no experience whatsoever in weightlifting, but it’s so much fun to try them and see how I’m getting better. I guess I’m hooked :). The immense technicality of Olympic lifting really excites me. I can’t wait for my next lifting session with coach to learn more. And yes, I’m still training for powerlifting. Among other interesting sports. After all, you never know… 😉

Tonight I had an “easy” squat session in my program (what the heck?? another easy session??). Or at least it was supposed to be easy:

  1. Back squat 4 x 8 35 kg
  2. Overhead squat 3 x 10 12,5 kg (now I’ve got this!)
  3. Seated hamstring curls 4 x 10 35 kg
  4. Hanging knees 4 x max (got approximately 10-13 reps)

Already in the first warm-up set in squats I started to feel a stabbing pain in my lower back. I have back problems – namely spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis in my lumbar spine and now the pain in my back was so intense my legs nearly gave out at one point. My back had already felt a little stiff during the day and my boyfriend had taped it before going to the gym. Luckily I managed to train around the back pain by switching from low bar to high bar squat and changing prone hamstring curls into the seated version and dismissing weighted abdominal work for a gentler exercise for my back.

Slowly getting better with my form :)
Slowly getting better with my form 🙂

Now back at home I feel like a rheumatic grandma with my inability to turn to any side, lean into any direction, or squat down – my back is starting to get more stiff – but hopefully with some rest, mild foam rolling and stretching I’ll be back in the gym in a couple of days. And tomorrow is finally a pilates day for me at Espoo Krav Maga :)!

This weekend I’ll be doing my first diet recap. Waiting to share my progress with you! ❤




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