“Honey, Don’t Go Outside, It’s Dangerous”

Arrrgh. Once again, the autumn has come. And alongside it, the long, dark evenings. And a curfew. For me.

“Honey, are you going somewhere? It’s dark outside.”

Yeah. For a walk. So. Fucking. What?

It could be kind of amusing that since I was something like, ten years old, no one has tried to dictate whether or not I’m allowed to go outside after 9 PM, other than…it’s not.

“It’s too dangerous. Can’t you just open the window and walk indoors?”

For crying out loud…

Yes, I’m a woman. A poor, defenceless, weak woman. How could I possibly be able to defend myself? I’m thinking no amount of krav maga will get me off this “macho alpha ugh ugh protecting my woman blah blah” bullshit. I guess my boyfriend is still deeply amazed how I ever managed to stay alive my first 29 years before meeting him…

As tonight’s special, here’s Veera’s three tips for staying safe while outside – in Finland’s latitude, soon anytime after 5 PM:

  • Avoid unlighted walkways and shortcuts through unpopulated areas like trails or alleys. Stay in sight of other people if possible.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Tweeting while crossing the road clad in full black may not be the best idea anyway.
  • If someone does attack you, use everyday items in your possession to defend yourself. Blind them with a flashlight. Poke at the eyes with your home keyes. Hit them with your purse. And remember to call for help. Sometimes all it takes is a one good and loud scream to startle the attacker, giving you time to flee.
Look creepy enough and no one’s gonna jump you!
A flashlight can be used to blind people or as an effective blunt weapon. Or – uh – as a flashlight.

Yeah, it’s nice to know someone cares. But try to patronize me, on oh boy, you’re in big trouble mister… At least I didn’t have to wrestle anyone to get outside. Tonight, at least. Had a nice walk, by the way :).

Stay safe, wear a reflector, scream like you mean it, and always remember – the groins, the throat and the eyes!





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