My Favorite Time-Saving & Fun Fitness Hacks

I’m a busy person. Actually, now with a chronic disease, more than ever. I need to schedule a lot more time to rest. I also need more sleep than before, at least 8-9 hours every night with preferably one nap each afternoon (yeah, like that’s gonna happen any time soon). I can’t plan too many events on a same day. Both physical and mental challenges, even everyday situations like going grocery shopping, tire me easily. That means my calendar gets filled up very fast. As I’m still trying to work part-time as much as my health allows, do volunteer work at a patient organisation, spend quality time with my fiance, friends and family, study sports science and nutrition, and train powerlifting, every second of every day is precious to me.

Besides all this busy-bee-bustling, I need so me-time as well. I want to finally read all Timothy Zahn’s Star Wars books. I want to watch The Raid 2 from Netflix. I want to finally finish Skyrim and Dragon Age 2 on Playstation so I can start playing Witcher 3 and Dragon Age: Inquisition. I want to listen to Cradle Of Filth‘s and Amorphis‘ new albums.

Where has all my nerd time disappeared??

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I already am serious about my athletic endeavors and use both passive and active recovery methods after hard lifting – sleeping and eating enough (my favorites ;)), stretching, foam rolling, sauna, light aerobics and yoga etc. My poor, overloaded brains need recovery strategies too. Reading, watching great movies and serieses, playing video and board games and listening to music are important to me, and help me to cope with everyday stress. I don’t have a physically demanding job, but the mental stress it places on me more than covers the lack. As a doctor I’m resposible for my patients’ health and I take it very seriously – sometimes too seriously. So I get stressed out. A lot. And to recover I need some positive energy from great hobbies and endorphins from exercise.

So how to gain enough time to do it all – work, lift and play? I have a few good fitness hacks I’d like to share with others pressed with time :).

Willy Wonka said it, not me
Willy Wonka said it, not me
  • Arrange training dates with friends. When time is of an essence, a great way to get moving and also enjoy good company is to exercise with a friend. I usually train alone at the gym – I want to focus on my lifts, not gossip. But I love going to long walks or water running with a friend. The exercise is gentle so we’re able to talk and I don’t usually need extra cortisone either. Sometimes I schedule a yoga or stretching class or even lift with a friend if they want to.
  • Watch TV while doing mobility work. I’m lazy to do stretching and foam rolling – aren’t we all? I always combine them with something pleasurable – this week I watched Strike Back and Narcos on Netflix as I stretched in the evening. Otherwise, the tv stays off. No mobility work, no fun!
  • Make dull steady state cardio -time fly by with a good book, music or podcast – or for the most adventurous and easily bored exercisers: play video games when indoor cycling! I really do forget I’m exercising when I cycle in our living room, playing a great RPG on Playstation. The only downside is that I get so immersed in the game I may very well wake up to the fact I’ve cycled for nearly two hours when I’d only planned a 45 minute workout. And my cycling rhythm gets sometimes mixed up when I hack and slash my way through hoards of cave trolls and darkspawn…
  • Try indoor walking when the weather’s not good. Hate going out when it’s pouring rain? Why drive to the gym to walk on the treadmill? I rarely do any cardio “workouts” at the moment, most of my time is devoted to lifting. But I do try to get my 10,000 steps in daily and if I don’t go walking with a pal, I walk indoors – really. It’s a bit Espoo’s Desperate Housewives -style, I know, but I love it! I used to pace between our living room and the hallway, but now I march in place. Getting a good hip extension and flexion with every step also activates the glutes efficiently. I watch more tv (ooh, the forbidden pleasures…) or listen to some great podcasts – try for example Physique Science Radio by Layne Norton and Sohee Lee:

What’s your best fitness / productivity / other great time saving tip?

Next week I’ll post an update about how my flexible diet is going and a peek view on my new four week powerlifting program plus some Oly lifting drills with my coach <3…

Great Sunday for all,




5 thoughts on “My Favorite Time-Saving & Fun Fitness Hacks

  1. I get my fitness and nutrition nerding in via podcasts every morning as I’m doing my hair and makeup. Layne and Sohee are my favorite, but but Iron Radio and Ben Coomber’s podcast are in my regular rotation as well. Listening to them rather than reading similar material later in the day satiates my need for knowledge AND saves me time that I should be working on my thesis.

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