Can You Feel The Pump?

My body is in a kind of strange state right now. I’ve been able to lower my HC dose really quickly now as the weather has changed. Now when it’s a lot colder outside, I seem to make do with a lot less cortisone. I still have energy left today even though I slept kind of poorly and went for a long walk with a friend. But I don’t complain :).

I wanted to post something about my last weekend, as I had a great time and lots of fun last Saturday. Which is a bit amusing as I also had really bad low cortisol symptoms during the entire day – headache,  mild nausea, and every time I stood up my legs felt really weak and I felt dizzy all the time. I had to chase my symptoms with extra hydrocortisone throughout the day to be able to stay up and functional. If it had been a normal Saturday I would have just crawled into bed to suffer alone. But we were invited to one of my boyfriend’s best friend’s housewarming party, and afterwards were going to go to a gig we both had been waiting for for months. So, no time for AI. It was battle on – so I popped HC pills like candy to help me on my feet and my feet in my dancing shoes.

I was a bit tired and still suffering from AI symptoms at the housewarming party so I didn’t mingle and chat with new people like I normally do. But it was nice to see my boyfriend’s two best childhood mates, they’re really great guys :). With the help of food, energy drink and some more HC, I survived the housewarming party and made it to the gig:


Flashback Future Disco Helsinki is a nightclub series focused on 80’s retrowave / synthwave electronic music. Me and my boyfriend both grew up during the 80’s. I love it’s music, movies, TV series’ and video games <3. And I adore the 80’s’ crazy and colorful style and attitude – when I’m not dressed in black, listening to black metal ;). Last Saturday’s main artist, Perturbator, is one of my boyfriend’s absolute favorites. So of course we had to go and see him perform live.

This is one of Perturbator’s songs I like:

I was also interested in seeing Flash Arnold, the only Finnish DJ playing that night. I really like his sound – it’s got a bit more rock attitude so it reminds me of my favorite action movies from the 80’s. And if you need some motivation to hit the weights today, look no further than this:

The club was totally packed with people during Perturbator’s set:



Oddly, at first I’d been feeling really unwell because the club was sold out and totally packed with people, hot, humid, and at times filled with smoke. But after midnight, my cortisone updosing really kicked in and suddenly I was bursting with energy. I danced through the entire Perturbator’s set – something I never even dreamed I’d be able to do! We got home after 3 AM and I was still smiling like a moron – but a happy one :).

If you like the 80’s too, what’s your favorite movie / artist from that time? I was absolutely crazy for Bon Jovi – I still remember most of their lyrics and own every album they’ve made in the 80’s and 90’s. As for the movies, most of my ultimate favorite films of all time are from the 80’s: action films like Rambo, Cobra and Commando, or the Indiana Jones movies. And let’s not forget the best sci-fi probably ever made like Blade Runner, Terminator, Predator, the sequels for Star Wars and Alien… As it is my official rest day of the week, I think I’m gonna go and watch one of these classics right now – so adios, friends – but I’ll Be Back! 😉

Be cool, train hard and remember to have fun ❤ !





2 thoughts on “Can You Feel The Pump?

  1. Glad you had a good time on Saturday! I am not afraid to updose for special occasions and I’m glad you did the same. I like how you say “you chase your symptoms with extra HC”. Great way to explain it! I like your blog!


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