Am I Getting My Life Back?

Woopee! These past few days have been kind to me AI wise. I’ve been able to go down with my cortisone stress dosing and hopefully am back with my normal daily dose sometime next week. I’ve had some mild headache and tiredness but nothing dramatic so I’m pretty hopeful :).

Yesterday I had another tattoo session. We’re continuing with my left arm, the flower sleeve will be finished on September as my tattooist forgot to reserve enough time – apparently I’m not the only one suffering from brain fog from time to time… After I get my arm finished, I’ve promised my boyfriend I’ll take a break from getting new tattoos. Although I never mentioned how long the break is going to be ;). I wanted to upload a picture of my arm tattoo so far, but am having some technical difficulties with WordPress today so I’ll save it ’til I get the whole sleeve done.

My body punished me for being lazy with mobility work. Normally I’m the world’s most flexible person who can do a split at any direction cold turkey thanks to my overly mobile joints and teenage years of ballet and fitness routine training. Now my every joint creaks like door on rusty hinges and I feel like a gawky grandma. Where’s my walker, dammit!!?? My coach promised to show me some mobility drills I could do at home with my broomstick as I only fly on it on Saturdays :D.

I don’t usually need much static stretching to keep my flexibility. My AI is often accompanied with muscle cramps even when my electrolytes are in balance, and they tend to get worse if I stretch a lot. I do take magnesium daily year around as well as a handful of potassium pills as I suffer from hypokalemia (note: due to lack of hormone aldosterone, primary adrenal insufficiency patients normally have hyperkalemia. Both states are dangerous as changes on potassium balance can lead to cardiac arrythmias).

For the last two nights I’ve been a good girl and foam rolled my achy, stiff muscles like crazy. The pain is bearable if you find some distraction, so at the same time I’ve treated myself by watching Strike Back with my boyfriend. Love it!

Image source

Training wise I’m ecstatic as I’ve been able to work out twice again after break – with my beloved squats on both Wednesday and today. Squats are definitely my weak spot, so with my current program I’m supposed to be doing either back squats or accessory exercises like front or overhead squats 2-3 times per week. If I only ever were healthy enough to get even a measly one whole week of training without complications… I’m hoping I’ll be able to finish my four week training plan I’ve been on for the last 7 weeks (!). Then onward to my next cycle (of more steroids 😉 and hopefully more lifting). I really want to make my coach Anni proud. A stable life with lots of rest, powerlifting, eating, watching more Strike Back and reading my new sci-fi books…where do I sign up?

Have a nice weekend, train hard and be grateful!




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