Good Diet Morning

Wonderful morning to everyone! This is going to be another happy post, be warned 🙂 …

After sleeping like crazy for the last few days I woke up well rested into my third diet day. The weather outside is an asthmatic’s dream – cooler and humid after last night’s pouring rain. I’m ecstatically sniffing the first breezes of autumn scents through the open window as I drink some vanilla green tea.

Yesterday evening I was supposed to go squatting but things didn’t exactly go as planned. Just as I’d done my warm ups, mobility work and some foam rolling at home and was about to leave to the gym, a colleague of mine called. She needed help ASAP and I was the only one who could help with such a short notice. Well…I could’ve said “no can do”. But she was in a really bad situation without her fault. Of course I helped. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no saint. I swore silently a couple of times that my plans went down the drain. But my personal belief I want to cherish in my life is that collegiality is still something that separates doctors from many other professions. The true equality between a renowned professor and a first year med student, willingness to help a fellow doctor and offer advice, and shared interest in working to better patients’ lives are values at least I want to live by. So I will always help a colleague in need if I’m able to.

What comes to helping others in general, I’m lucky I have good friends and family who I can rely on. I can try to repay the favor by offering my assistance if I’m able to help. I really think world would be a much better and happier place if each and every one of us could do even one good deed a day. Help your neighbor. Smile at the bus driver in the morning. Most of the times it doesn’t take much of your time and effort but can really make a difference to someone else and also make your day a bit happier, too.

Even my workout problem I had bloated into a huge failure was actually solved easily. After cursing my bad luck for a few minutes I started to actually think and not just pity myself. Why did I have this colossal amount of workout equipment at home if not for working out? And who had told me I couldn’t deviate one inch from my coach’s workout plan if something came up and I couldn’t do the planned workout at the gym? Would it be better not to train at all, or do some stuff I was able to? Yeah, I had been a wining dumbass. So I did a session of both close and wide grip chin ups and pullups, followed with lateral and rear delt work and hanging leg raises for abs. Great workout and looots of sweat!

I, if someone, should have already learned that in life even the best laid out plan is just that. A plan. Life happens. When it comes to reaching your goals and thriving in spite of adversity, your attitude is what matters. You got to have grit, or as we Finns say, SISU. Don’t give up. Be flexible. If your plan doesn’t work, don’t complain about it. Analyze what’s wrong and fix it, or make small adjustments so you can continue following it. Be ready to accept failure from time to time. Sometimes progress isn’t all forward.


My dieting is going well. Though it would be quite alarming if not awkward if I was already breaking down mentally after dieting for two days straight :D. I’m a bit hungry. And not so full after eating. Otherwise I’m great. I actually like the feeling of hunger as it gives me more mental focus especially in the morning. So now I’m experimenting with eating my oatmeal a couple of hours after I wake up, when normally among the first things I do after getting up is running to the kitchen to eat.

I do have to say I still LOVE eating. So even with IIFYM and flexible approach if I want to stuff down huge platefuls of food, I need to control the amount of treats I eat. Yesterday I indulged myself with little bit of candy. If my boyfriend hasn’t gone through the entire bag before tonight, I’ll nibble more after doing my squats. If I’m a good girl and eat my veggies, I may even splurge on some ice cream…

Have a great day and remember to smile!




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