Your Story Is Your Story- What will you write next? 

I wanted to reblog this post as the message is so important to all of us… Don’t let anyone else write your story. Don’t let them tell what you can or can’t do. YOU are in control of your life. Even when it feels you’re overwhelmed, alone and broken. I’ve been told I’d never finish high school. I’ve been told I shouldn’t be a doctor because I’m sick. I’ve been told I’m ugly. I’ve been told I will never exercise again. I’ve been told if I don’t do this or that I will never make it and something bad happens. Guess what? I’ve proven all those people and their stories wrong. Take back the power that belongs to you. WRITE YOUR OWN STORY.

Original image courtesy of blackzheep at
Original image courtesy of blackzheep at




I used to feel ashamed of my story. I felt like other people’s past chapters were titled things like, “Skipping Through Fields with a Happy Golden Retriever” and my chapters were like, “Crawling Through Darkness with a Bunch of Scary Monsters..” I also kept trying to find someone ELSE to write my story for me. I let other people write weird things that made me sad. I let people write things that didn’t resonate with me… Then one day- I took my pen back. (Also, I made friends with those monsters and now we are skipping through fields together and we are fabulous!)

I wrote the words below to myself to feel better about my story and what I will write next. What do you want to write next in the story of your life?

Your life is a book

and it’s time for you

to take your pen…

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