My Flexible Diet Begins

Hi there! Autumn is coming, although we Finns are still enjoying a full Indian summer at the moment. For some people, this is the time when you throw those teeny weeny bikinis in the closet and put your big girl pants on, ready to make some serious gainzzz during the long and dark autumn and winter months. Not for me, though.

As I’m currently sporting a nice layer of subcutaneous insulation a Finnish brown bear nearing it’s hibernation season would envy, I thought I should do something about it. So this girl goes to a cut!

My goal is to get as near as possible to 63 kg as I’d like to compete in under 63 kg weight class in powerlifting some time next year. I’m still learning my way with the big three lifts. Getting close to my target meet weight in advance is beneficial as weight loss may change my leverages and affect my strength. If I diet now, we will have time to adjust my training and technique with my coach.

And I would be bullshitting everyone if I claimed appearance wasn’t a factor. I like myself a bit leaner than I am now – my clothes fit better and I feel more confident. Also exercising, especially sparring on krav maga training, is way easier if I don’t carry around an excess of 5-10 kilos. My asthma already makes me huff and puff enough on those sessions!

(An extra benefit is being able to say F-U to all endos claiming the amount of hydro I take is sooo gonna make me fat… Haha!)

I’ve been a happy follower of IIFYM dieting approach for some time now and will continue following the guidelines during my cut. As I’m not prepping for a show or trying to lean down considerably I’ll concentrate on hitting my daily protein and calorie targets and let carb and fat amount fluctuate a little. Getting enough fiber and micronutrients is also important to me.

As most of my readers are probably already familiar with terms “flexible dieting” and “IIFYM = if it fits your macros”, I’m not going to go to full details here. But if you’re still wondering “what the heck is she talking about??” or interested in learning more, here’s a comprehensive reading list by Mike Samuels:

I will post later in more details the reasons why IIFYM is the approach that suits me best and go into more spesifics about my diet as well. We are all individuals, and regarding nutrition there isn’t a one-dogma-fits-all solutions. Some of us feel and perform best with higher carb intake such as myself, whereas some thrive on a low carb diet.

I’d like to know what kind of diet approach has suited YOU best?

Wishing everyone a happy, productive next week and tasty meals!




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