Sleepless In Lahti

Once again I’m having one of my recurrent fever episodes. Great! At least it explains why I’ve been feeling unwell. About once in 3-6 weeks I’ll have this mild fever for 2-7 days without infection. Doctors aren’t sure if it’s connected to my immunological issues or if it’s one of really rare episodic fever syndromes. I made it to Lahti on Saturday evening with help of antipyretic meds and extra HC to help my mother as she returned home from visiting relatives in Eastern Finland. Now she’s helping me by cooking and keeping me company.

As always when I’m sick, I’ve been sleeping poorly for three nights in a row now and it’s starting to take it’s toll on my nerves and already limited mental capacity. When I feel fine with 9-10 hours of sleep, a whopping 3-4 hours per night turns me into a member of the zombie squad. I had made good progress with lowering my HC dose but now I had to go back to double dosing again due to fever. I’m soon going to resemble a balloon woman with this crazy fluid retention from cortisone and heat. Did I ever mention how well I tolerate heat?

Of course I’m annoyed as my time away from the gym is stretching longer and longer but what can I do? Throw a pity party? Not my style. I choose to stay positive. To help with the task, I decided to list some of the good things in my current situation:

  • As I’ve only been sleeping for 3-4 hours per night, I’ve had much more time to read. I’m sooo looking forward to starting yet another of my new books I bought from Copenhagen.
  • The nearby mall’s grocery store has a good selection of Ben&Jerry’s ice cream and I won’t be starting a diet – yet – so I’m free to try some new flavors this week…
  • I get to spend more time with my mother <3. We’ve been really close all my life and I’ve missed her company! She’s one of my best friends. I get really weak when I have fever so I won’t be driving back to Espoo until I feel better. We’ve been watching House of Cards on Netflix and she’s already seriously addicted. It’s nice to see how she enjoys it.
  • The weather outside is great – sunny and clear – though did I mention the heat?? If I’m feeling strong enough tomorrow, I’m planning on driving or walking to the nearby harbor to sit in a cafe and watch the boats at Lake Vesijärvi.
  • Even if I’m sick now, I won’t be forever. I can stretch and do light indoor walking now and it will help me when I get back to lifting.
  • I have time to write this blog! 🙂

Having a chronic illness and / or other disabilities doesn’t mean you can’t control at least some part of your life. Shit happens. Every one of us has their own burdens.

You can’t control everything that happens today or in the future, but you can control how you react to them. You can choose to see the obstacles and the negative, or you can choose to see the opportunities and the positive.

I love my life. Sometimes there are shitty days, but they serve as a contrast so I can enjoy and value the good days even more. I am a fighter. I am a survivor. I will be consistent in striving towards my goals as a lifter. I will do the best action available every day. If my body needs to rest, I’ll rest. If I fall, I’ll rise again.

Source: Pinterest

Stay positive and consistent,




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