Copenhagen Mania Part 2

Welcome back! My holiday in Denmark is over and I’m back home, way beyond exhausted but happy. But I still have a lot to share with you… My most taxing “workout” during the trip happened on Thursday, when I sat for nearly 10 hours getting my newest, and so far the biggest tattoo yet made. The day was excruciatingly long, hot, and weary – and so worth it. I absolutely love my new tattoo ❤ ❤ ! ! !

I’d been dreaming of getting a Battlestar Galactica -themed tattoo for quite some time, but had trouble visioning what kind of tattoo I’d like. My favorite character in the series by far is Kara “Starbuck” Thrace played by Katee Sackhoff. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Battlestar Galactica, but if you’re not and like scifi and good plotting with strong and colorful characters – get acquainted! IMHO Galactica’s one of the best scifi series’ ever made – maybe even better than Babylon 5 (oh, the herecy…). Starbuck is at the same time tough, vulnerable, sexy, cheeky, reckless tomboy and a real kick-ass heroine fighter pilot.

I’ve also wanted for some time now to get an angel-themed tattoo by an artist I’ve followed on DeviantArt for a while. Zindy S. D. Nielsen is a Danish artist and I adore her work, especially the angels she draws a lot. Here’s for example two drawings by Zindy from her DeviantArt page I really like:

“the sad angel” by Zindy
“Crossing Spirits” by Zindy

She has an amazing talent! When I found out she’d started to do tattoos as well it wasn’t hard to decide I’d like her to draw me an own angel. And then I got the idea I’d like to have Katee/Starbuck as the model for my angel. The original idea where we started with Zindy was having her posing naked with only Starbuck’s dog tags and showing the tattoo on her left arm as in the series. The pose is already very feminine, and we decided to give her longer, more curly hair to soften her look. Here’s both the first sketch and the tattoo turned out:

First draft
First draft
Finished tattoo
Finished tattoo

I’d never had a tattoo session that lasted for over 4 hours before. Imagine sitting in the exact same position for nearly 10 hours excluding small stretching and snack breaks! Wow. Thankfully, I had James S. A. Corey’s Cibola Burn with me to read. I just hadn’t realized how long it would actually take to finish the tattoo vs. finish the book so I ended up reading it twice… No biggie, it was a good one. If you’re interested in good military-ish scifi, check out his Expanse series that is already boasting five books with more coming. It is soon to become a hot new TV series as well! I guess I’ll have to check it out.

It was also really nice to chat with Zindy about her work and life. I was in a good mood the whole day and managed my cortisone updosing appropriately. That is, I took a sh*tload of hydro during the day. I never use any numbing cream when getting tattooed, so the rib areas were painful at times even though I took some painkillers. When I tried to approximate my cortisone need I had to take into consideration besides the pain factor also the heat, the overall stress from the trip as well as the physical damage done by the tattoo needle even though only superficially. I’m pretty proud I didn’t faint and all.

I was so relieved and totally worn out when we finally finished around 10 PM. I can’t imagine how tired Zindy must have been as she did all the work and I only had to sit still! She was such a wonderful person. I even got a ride back to my hotel from her and her boyfriend. What a great guy and couple! We chatted about music and the Rob Zombie gig during the drive. Although I have to admit one of the governing thoughts on my mind at the time was about the big bowl of Ben&Jerry’s I’d promised myself if I endured my torment.

You can find Zindy at facebook:

Zindy’s web page:

Zindy’s DeviantArt page:

Zindy sells a lot of beautiful artwork – calendars, notebooks, mugs, cards – you can order them from her web shop. I bought a lot as souvenirs to bring home with me. She also does commission art – both traditional paper drawings and tattoo sketches, so you don’t need to even live in the same hemisphere to get an own, original Zindy tattoo! But of course, if you ever decide to visit Denmark and get a tattoo, there’s no better place to do it :). I’m already planning on my next (don’t tell my BF!!)…

What else did I do on my holiday than see Rob Zombie and get myself a tattoo? Well, this is really turning into a scifi-themed post :)… As an incurable bookaholic, most of my holiday budget is normally reserved for buying more books I can’t fit to my boyfriend’s bookshelf :). Book shopping is also a great total body workout, especially for shaping and strengthening those calves and arms! So even though the tattoo made a big dent in my accounts, I couldn’t resist the temptation to buy “just a few” new books:

Confessions of a bookaholic vol 1
Confessions of a bookaholic vol 2

The genres I read the most are scifi and fantasy, but general suspense, military fiction, history and psychology also excite me. And I’m always into learning more about exercise science and nutrition. As a doctor I’ve been specializing in geriatrics and palliative care medicine, so I have a lot of books regarding those subjects and also about medical leadership and management. As I’m still on sick leave and again the vacation absolutely totaled my reserves, I’m trying to concentrate on happily reading my new books and not cringing about my not-so-optimal physical condition. So, maybe sun, a little fun and fiction for this girl for the rest of the week..?

Take care, 





2 thoughts on “Copenhagen Mania Part 2

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