Copenhagen Mania Part 1

Hi everyone and greetings from warm and sunny Copenhagen! We’re enjoying a little summer holiday getaway with my boyfriend in this lovely city. I’m feeling much, much better than last week as I managed to rest enough before the trip.  The weather has been great throughout the week, even a bit too hot for my taste. Heat always makes me a bit uncomfortable and without adequate drinking and sometimes upping my cortisone dose, more than little dizzy. As I’m still taking double dose of hydrocortisone I’ve now coped well with heat and travel. We arrived here on Monday and will leave tomorrow on Saturday. We’re staying at the Radisson Blu Royal right in the center of Copenhagen, next to all major attractions:

Amusement park Tivoli at midnight - just outside our hotel :)
Amusement park Tivoli at midnight – just outside our hotel 🙂

One of the best things about our hotel is that guests are welcome to use the gym located at the same building for free. A good tip for traveling exercise nuts! On Wednesday, I thought I’d escape the scorching midday heat to the gym. Well, I got a nasty surprise as a wave of moist heat gushed over me as soon as I stepped inside the gym. The air conditioning was…um…not on? People were dripping sweat all over the place. Thankfully the squat racks were free and there was abundant supply of magnesium to use. The gym was also clean and well equipped for regular fitness training, although I can see a “real” powerlifter crying for more weight plates and squat racks.

The tropical conditions made warming up very easy. Grab a bar. Load some plates. Instant sweat. Start deadlifting. I amazed myself by being able to do a very decent workout, as I normally feel really woozy training in hot and humid conditions. I had for once nailed my rest and hydro dosage :). After warm up sets, I did 4 heavy sets of deadlifts for 5 reps and then continued to the squat rack. I did 5 sets low bar back squats for 8 reps and completed the leg massacre with 4 sets of overhead squats 8 reps each. Aah, the burn! I hope with this volume I’ll finally start to see some growth in my puny quads. I even had both the mental and physical energy and drive to finish my workout with 4 sets of ab rollouts before limping back to my hotel room to collapse into the shower. What a winner feeling that was!

I’m so happy I got to train with my coach Anni before the trip. Her pointers for my lifts, especially the squat made a real change for better in my technique. I’m much more confident and feel stronger and more stable coming up from the bottom. Usually my sticking point has been approximately in the middle of coming up and where I also have felt out of balance.

Some pictures from the fitness dk gym:

Deadlift featherweight champion 2015
Deadlift featherweight champion 2015
Free weights section - free
Free weights section – free
Resting = lying on the ground, panting between ab rollout sets
Resting = lying on the ground, panting between ab rollout sets

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my hydrocortisone replacement dose, how I split my doses, and how I updose for exercise. I promise to make a proper post on that subject soon! I gave a lecture about exercise, sleep and adrenal insufficiency last May for Finnish Addison’s Disease organization members and will share parts of my lecture material in the post. Stay tuned so you won’t miss out!

One of my favorite hobbies besides sleeping and lifting weights is – surprise, surprise – eating ;). In Denmark, you can find small cafes and bakeries at every street corner and the breakfast/brunch culture is very strong. I have a confession to make: I haven’t opened MyFitnessPal even once during this entire trip… 🙂

Here’s an example of our daily gluttonies:

F**k MyFatnessPal
F**k MyFatnessPal

On Wednesday evening we went to see Rob Zombie playing at club Vega. He’s one of my boyfriend’s favorite artists so going to the gig was a given. I do tolerate his music, although bands like Metallica, Disturbed, Cradle Of Filth – and of course Sonata Arctica – are more to my taste, just to name a few.

The evening would have been perfect if Danish club scene hadn’t taken us by surprise. In Finland it’s very common that bands start playing somewhere around 10-11 PM at earliest. Well, Rob Zombie started at 9 PM. Guess who were “a little bit” late…? Well, at least we saw the encores. I have to say Vega is by far the best club I’ve ever been to. The sound quality and acoustics in general were amazing. Rob Zombie was again true to himself and presented at the same time entertaining and totally weird performance.

John 5, as freaky as ever
John 5, as freaky as ever
Club Vega - what a great venue and atmosphere!
Club Vega – what a great venue and atmosphere!

As the gig ended so soon, we had time to walk around Copenhagen and experience the local nightlife. We had a lovely time sitting in a small Scottish pub listening to a local troubadour. I even enjoyed two glasses of my favorite cider, Magners. Simply perfection <3.

I’ll continue later with more trip details. I had a certain other reason for coming to Denmark other than just getting a nice holiday and seeing Rob Zombie play. Be patient, and if you already haven’t, now is the perfect time to register as a follower to get email updates on new posts! See ya all soon,




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